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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00031322   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Turn to stone / Paralysis / Blind issue
  000291611 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Magic Elementals don't deal lowers damage to magic-resistant units
  000291511 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Psychic Elementals don't deal lowers damage to Undead and Non-living
  000289412 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Adela's Bless boosts only max damage and not all damage done by stack
  000284811 Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Elementals don't deal higher damage to opposing elementals
  00022403   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Damage prediction works incorrectly, at least for ranged units
  000068431 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Curse spell decreases damage to 1
  00006401   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Advanced Ballista doesn't get the 2nd shot sometimes, if the 1st shot destroyed the target + related console warning
  00030962   Othercrashresolved (Ivan)2023-01-26Crash on launch due to missing library libvcmi when installed from PPA
  00017711   GUI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (Povelitel)2023-01-26Crash when loading a map (campaign scenario)
  000314521 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Nullkiller)2023-01-26We whould ship a good (functional) Adventure Map AI
  000313721 Map Editorminorassigned (AVS)2023-01-21Seer's Hut/Quest Guard issue
  00032061   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Bugged "Start Walking" animation
  000312511 GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Palisade covering other elements of the battleground
  00030731   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Casting and spell effect animations are played simultaneously instead of consecutively.
  000297541 GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Cyclops Kings don't use their 2-hex attack animation
  00028341   GUI - Battlestrivialresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Disappearing flag
  000280831 Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Cloning spell bugs and lacking visuals representation + stupid AI
  000278421 GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Tower: creatures clip into the town walls on siege
  000274611 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Incorrect visuals of the grid shadow near Moat hexes.
  000254911 GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09One of Necropolis moat graphics is shifted outside moat.
  00025311   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Implosion spell - unit should get hit and play damage animation when spell animation starts, not when it ends
  00024524   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09VCMI can't display 2hex-attack from def files.
  00022443   Mechanics - Battlestrivialresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Game prints error when enemy steps on quicksand
  00013181   Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Multiple spell animations are shown simultaneously instead of consecutively
  00010681   Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Incorrect animation order for retaliating Units - First hit animation is sown, then the turn and retaliate animation
  000105971 GUI - Battlestweakresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Heroes during battle no longer have flags
  00000934   GUI - Battlestweakresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Wrong/Missing spell animations
  00031111   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Death stare's sound effect
  00031081   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Frost Ring range doesn't work
  00028091   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Cursor for spell-like creature abilities and for casting spell should be animated.
  000280712 Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Pit lord's summoning demons ability lacks visuals and sounds + GUI problems
  000280611 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Teleportation spell lacking visuals
  00009351   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Casting Teleport on flying creature makes it fly slowly to destination
  000043921 GUI - Battlestrivialresolved (Ivan)2023-01-09Large units unnecesarily turn around during attack.
  000211842 GUI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (SXX)2023-01-08Quest guard: require creatures and no info in status bar and on right click QoL
  000189622 Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorassigned (SXX)2022-12-30There is something wrong with banks after few months(?) of game
  000059011 GUI - Battlestrivialresolved (Tow dragon)2022-12-23The dead/left creatures on the battlefield disappear from background when the Battle Casualties window opens for some locations
  000128611 GUI - Battlestweakassigned (AVS)2022-12-23Hotkey F for Faerie Dragon's area spells
  0002414    GUI - Battlesminornew2022-12-23Siege: animation needed for drawbridge lowering / raising
  000303943 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorresolved (Ivan)2022-12-22no mouse click action possible when assemling artefacts
  00032464   Modsmajornew2022-12-19Failed to add new creature in summons spell
  00013333   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2022-12-18Spells: fire Shield should be rechecked
  00020611   GUI - Battlesfeatureresolved (Ivan)2022-12-18Stack queue: need option to only update stack count after magic/attack/death animation finished
  000102543 Modsminornew2022-12-18Gorynych related bugs
  000102313 Modsminornew2022-12-18Sorceress shooting bug
  00004092   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Tow dragon)2022-12-18Ballistics skill gives hero first move before arrow towers and switches the left-to-right priority of turns
  000056011 Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (Ivan)2022-12-18Wrong final position of blue player 2-hex creature if attacks red player 2-hex creature.
  000180012 GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2022-12-18Image overlapping during battles
  000256313 Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (Ivan)2022-12-17Library of Enlightenment: incorrect text or icons with diplomacy skill
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