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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000314911 GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-04-12Light blue rectangle in the battle field when rocks exists
  000317431 GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2023-04-12Broken ground sprites in battle screen (Developer git)
  000311921 GUI - Battlestweakresolved (Ivan)2023-04-12Blue rectangle around object on battleground
  000299911 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (Ivan)2023-04-12AI assert failed on GatherArmy related logic after hero died
  00031592   GUI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Povelitel)2023-04-12"Ghost" characters without flag on adventure map
  00018933   GUI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (Povelitel)2023-04-12Fog of War flashes revealing adventure map for milliseconds while moving
  00023217   GUI - Town screenminornew2023-04-12If any building dependency is disabled then building should be considered disabled too
  00004725   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorresolved (OnionKnight)2023-04-12Misc Combo artifacts can't be moved from one Misc slot to another (if occupied by one of its padlocks)
  000166731 Mechanics - Battlesminornew2023-04-12Elixir of Life not working properly
  00025641   Mechanics - Objectsminorconfirmed2023-04-12Player shouldn't be able to control defence of dwellings
  000306921 GUI - Adventure Mapblockconfirmed2023-04-12Hotseat freeze on gameplay end in special case
  000297721 AI - Adventure Mapmajornew2023-04-12AI does not complete AI Quest Test map quickly
  00030921   Modsminorresolved (Ivan)2023-04-12Game unbuilds capitol in main town instead of new town
  00031991   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Magic elemental damaged by thunderbold (from Thunderbirds)
  00031654   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Creature spell casting on self
  00030521   GUI - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Heroes from adventure map can be right/left clicked with mouse through battle interface via AI-initialized battles
  000297121 Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed (AVS)2023-04-12Current Health doesn't update with Maximum Health
  000294711 GUI - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Obstacles of wront type in fight on Abandoned mine
  000292521 Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Blind - incorrect work
  00028961   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed (AVS)2023-04-12"SPECIAL_PECULIAR_ENCHANT" doesn't work
   00028931   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Elixir of Life No increase Pit Lord demon Summon sum
  00028691   GUI - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12We need to warn player if surrendering hero will trigger scenario loss
  00027703   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed (AVS)2023-04-12Dendroid Soldier entangle not wearing off when killed by spell
  00027443   GUI - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Expert Bloodlust spell bugs: visual and text.
  00026761   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed2023-04-12Some necropolis creatures issues to fix.
  00025721   Mechanics - Battlesmajorconfirmed2023-04-12War machines must affect surrender cost
  00024511   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed (SXX)2023-04-12Tactics: drawbridge don't work properly during tactics phase
  00024171   Mechanics - Battlesfeatureconfirmed2023-04-12Feature: advanced garrison and visiting hero army merging for siege
  00023924   GUI - Battlesminorconfirmed (SXX)2023-04-12Automatic creature move at the beginning of the batlle
  000237382 Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed (Warmonger)2023-04-12Necromancy skill rises troops incorrectly
  000232231 Mechanics - Battlescrashconfirmed2023-04-12Crash after battle finished
  000220521 GUI - Battlesfeatureconfirmed2023-04-12VCMI 0.98c - Combat options - creatures info and auto-combat options can not be changed in battle
  00017912   Mechanics - Battlesmajorconfirmed (AVS)2023-04-12Orb of vulnerability
  00015652   GUI - Battlesfeatureconfirmed2023-04-12Autobattle should be cancelable by mouse button click
  000140821 GUI - Battlestweakconfirmed2023-04-12Combat screen - missing hotkeys
  000128513 GUI - Battlestweakconfirmed (SXX)2023-04-12Missing Info windows related to Tactics phase
  000106561 Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed (Dydzio)2023-04-12H3-VCMI discrepancies regarding wall/turret sections which can be targeted (and related errors)
  000069722 GUI - Battlestweakconfirmed (Dydzio)2023-04-12Mouse over hero in battle: cursor icon + info box
  00006941   GUI - Battlestrivialconfirmed (SXX)2023-04-12Spell Book: Next Page subtitle + box still active on last page
  000284011 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowtweakconfirmed2023-04-12Can't switch off secondary skill "tactics"
  00032431   Launcherminorconfirmed2023-04-12Borderless Window mode breaks after one alt tab
  000227314 GUI - Adventure Mapcrashacknowledged2023-04-12Hero Ufretin take kristal and heroes closed. He go through town and when tri take it = quit.
  0002209    Sound, music, videosminoracknowledged (AVS)2023-04-12New week tune starts too late
  000211964 AI - Adventure Mapmajoracknowledged (SXX)2023-04-12Freeze in Subterranean Gates (SectorMap)
  00016511   Modsminoracknowledged2023-04-12Creature abilities don't use duration
  00015752   GUI - PreGamefeatureacknowledged (Tow)2023-04-12In hotseat it is possible to select single-player maps
  00012094   AI - Battlesblockacknowledged (Tow)2023-04-12AI freeze when fighting as Emissaries of Peace
  00004832   Mechanics - Adventure Maptweakacknowledged (AVS)2023-04-12Dimension Door - message you cann't cast DD should appear just after you choose spell not after you choos place to "jump"
  000028537 GUI - Adventure Maptweakacknowledged2023-04-12Strange graphics of creatures on map Road to hell, which stands next to the Dragon Hive in front of Crystal Mine
  00001253   Othertweakacknowledged (Tow)2023-04-12When saving games, holding down backspace or delete does not delete more than one character, which it is possible to do in H3.
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