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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000249952 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-24when cast spells faerie dragons they not illuminated unit
  000227811 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-24quicksend - units can not pass them.
  0002212153 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (SXX)2016-09-24Loop detected while calculating AI move (visiting same tile)
  00022442   Mechanics - Battlestrivialacknowledged2016-09-24Game prints error when enemy steps on quicksand
  00021861   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-24Fire Wall: can be placed within castle wall
  000226732 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-24spell "remove obstacle" It does not work in this case
  00025061   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-24Teleport spell incorrect behaviour
  000227991 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-24Death Ripple
  0000935    GUI - Battlesminoracknowledged2016-09-23Casting Teleport on flying creature makes it fly slowly to destination
  0002505    Mechanics - Objectsminornew2016-09-23creature dwelings if captured fall under the control of the person under attack enemy hero
  0002503 1 Mechanics - Adventure Mapminornew2016-09-23when there are no taverns, I do not see the troops in the garrisons and towns
  00002133   Mechanics - Otherfeatureassigned (SXX)2016-09-23No info about creature amounts should be presented with less than 2 thieves guilds.
  000242272 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-23Not all hexes can be used to place mines
  00023021   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-09-23Earthquake shouldn't be castable if there no targets
  000104311 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved2016-09-23AI endlessly tries to visit Corpse
  00005137   Mechanics - Battlesminorassigned (Warmonger)2016-09-23Creatures abilities - champion's jousting is not working (EDIT: or not properly calculated in the damage estimation formula)
  000248121 Random Map Generatortweaknew2016-09-22Scrols 5 lvl have not guard (Jebus Cross)
  00023764   Launchermajorresolved (AVS)2016-09-22vcmibuilder fails with strange error message
  00024952   Mechanics - Town structuresminornew2016-09-21tower on town can using "luck"
  000242811 GUI - Town screenfeatureassigned (Dydzio)2016-09-21Grail - Conflux magic guild need special graphics in magic guild when Aurora Borealis is built
  000249211 Mechanics - Otherminornew2016-09-21You can buy over 8 heroes
  0002490    Mechanics - Battlesminornew2016-09-21even when the enemy hero blind all units he may cast
  000230711 Mechanics - Objectsmajorresolved (Dydzio)2016-09-20Pandora's Box may downgrade hero secondary skill
  0002478 1 AI - Adventure Mapmajorassigned (Warmonger)2016-09-19Freeze after AI ending turn possible caused to data race in VCAI
  0001811    Mechanics - Battlesminorassigned (SXX)2016-09-19When the phoenix dies, and then resurrected the stack, he immediately strikes back. Though I have to stand still.
  00017503   GUI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (SXX)2016-09-19Cover of darkness covers dwellings, player owned guarded gates
  00024851   GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2016-09-19CGarrisonWindow need improvement for CGGarrison with removableUnits = false
  000230351 Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2016-09-19You can take the troops from the garrison with "Troops are removable" unchecked
  00023981   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Dydzio)2016-09-18Stronghold: escape tunnel let hero surrender
  000217753 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashnew2016-09-18Server crashes on FreeBSD
  0002475    Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorassigned (Dydzio)2016-09-18Some map objects might decrease mana / movement points
  000246632 Otherminorconfirmed (AVS)2016-09-18'Something cast Bless'
  00013471   Mechanics - Battlesminorassigned (Warmonger)2016-09-18Armor of the Damned casts spells before 1st round
  0002482    Random Map Generatorcrashassigned (SXX)2016-09-18Crash on second+ usage of RMG due to client memory corruption
  00021274   Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2016-09-18Possible crash when hero is hired in town that gives him primary skill bonus
  000227764 Mechanics - Othermajorresolved (SXX)2016-09-18Random heroes always have subID of zero and don't inherit predefined options
  0002480    Otherminorassigned (AVS)2016-09-17Save desync with GCC build. CHeroHandler->expPerLevel serialization
  000214913 Otherblockassigned (SXX)2016-09-17in Autoskipe-mode have block if go in events
  00024593   Othermajorresolved (SXX)2016-09-16Desync found! - Work toward full sync of save games
  000247911 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2016-09-16VCAI::performTypicalActions: crash when attempt to use removed hero
  0002477    GUI - Othermajornew2016-09-14Freeze on town select when on Castle screen possible due to race condition in CMusicHandler
  0002360 1 AI - Adventure Mapmajorassigned (Warmonger)2016-09-14Game hangs after AI captures castle + warnings at battle start
  000125251 AI - Adventure Mapblockassigned (SXX)2016-09-14Stuck on EndTurn, because AI player has been vanquished
  000234521 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2016-09-14Fog of War changing objects may completely cover heroes/towns
  00022511   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorassigned (SXX)2016-09-14Mines (and possibly other objects) possessed by player get covered by necropolis town's cover of darkness
  0002474    AI - Adventure Mapfeatureassigned (SXX)2016-09-14ChangeObjPos might need special handling for AI state changes
  0002473 1 AI - Adventure Mapcrashassigned (Warmonger)2016-09-14FuzzyHelper::evaluate: pure virtual method called
  00001105   GUI - Town screenminorresolved (SXX)2016-09-14After a ship is built in town, we should not be able to re-open the Shipyard screen until the ship leaves the "harbor".
  00009655   GUI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (SXX)2016-09-13After neutral group of units does join your army, it is not shown in hero's units until next turn.
  00024722   Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2016-09-12CGBorderGuard cause save to crash after removal
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