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0003055VCMIOtherpublic2019-05-04 17:042020-04-20 05:07
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PlatformPhoneOSAndroidOS Version9.1.2
Product Version0.99 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003055: Autoclicking when using relative touch
DescriptionIf you select relative touch as the option to navigate during the game, once you try to drag the cursor it does a "button push", and it can be annoying during gameplay. If you drag the cursor from "position 1" and then release it at "position 1" it will click. Sorry for the bad english. Please fix, because it's really annoying.
Steps To ReproduceSelect relative touch and follow the steps that I've written in the description.
Additional InformationEven an option that would be something like a touchpad would be nice. I mean like use the left side of the screen to drag the cursor, and on the right side you have two button: left click & right click.
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Ariun (reporter)
2020-04-19 08:40

I'd like to ask for bumping up priority on this one. I can try to argument why it is so important...
As a mobile user with small screen, I find it impossible to play with a touch screen input method simply because the game UI is not designed for mobiles (clickable elements are too small). My only option is the "relative" input method. However the way it works right now perfectly fits the behavior of touch input or mouse input, but not the relative input mode. User expects the relative input mode to simulate the behavior of a touch pad on a laptop. There clicking is based on timing. So to click you must quickly tap and release to simulate the button press. If you hold for 1sec or longer it is considered as move.
With current behavior it is literally impossible to play on any mobile device.
Nullkiller (developer)
2020-04-19 09:38

The problem is that there is no active android developer to support this platform. More over there has been hardly any work on VCMI at all recently.
Ariun (reporter)
2020-04-19 20:07

I could help with a few bugs here and there. Since it's my most fav game ever and I'd love to play on my android, I'll try to find some time to join this project. I've beed programming mobile games for many years, but since last 9y only PC games. I hope not too much has changed.
Nullkiller (developer)
2020-04-20 05:06

That would be great. If you need any help regarding to android build you can ask me or dydsio. We are not android developers but at least had some experience with it while getting Android build green again a few times.

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