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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00008863   Mechanics - Battlescrashresolved (AVS)2018-11-06Crash after cloned creatures move
  000198322 GUI - PreGamecrashresolved (Warmonger)2018-11-06Heroes 3 Map Crash
  000287911 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Warmonger)2018-11-06Freeze. Looks like freeze in battle after AI attacked gremlins
  000289521 AI - Adventure Mapblockresolved (Nullkiller)2018-11-06Freeze in fight AI
  000298311 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (Nullkiller)2018-11-06AI endlessly trying buy army from dwelling and freeze
  000300411 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Nullkiller)2018-11-06Freeze AI
  000272012 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2018-11-03Crash after I'm doing 1 end turn
  000292211 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (Nullkiller)2018-11-02Crash on turn AI
  0002097126 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (Nullkiller)2018-11-02Crash during AI turn (exchange?)
  000302011 Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2018-11-01CGLighthouse::initObj using netpacks before game starts
  000301121 GUI - Town screenfeatureresolved (Godric)2018-10-31Mod's path instead of a name in growth-booster skill
  000300911 GUI - Town screenminorresolved (Dydzio)2018-10-30Building highlights names don't update after clicking on any building.
  000301411 Random Map Generatorcrashresolved (Godric)2018-10-29crash when creating a random map
  000299731 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (Dydzio)2018-09-16Crash when move from teleport
  00026522   Campaignsmajorresolved (a.yupinov)2018-08-26Missing feature: Yog CAN learn spells in Birth of a Barbarian campaign.
  000299823 GUI - PreGamecrashresolved (AVS)2018-08-12Now I can not even begin this map. And before could.
  00029931   AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Warmonger)2018-08-08AI tries to visit blocked Border Gate during exploration
  00017442   Campaignsminorresolved (a.yupinov)2018-08-05Campaign maps receive starting bonuses of single scenarios
  000299111 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Warmonger)2018-08-04AI does nothing at Trading Post, leding to a loop
  000298221 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (Nullkiller)2018-08-02bug when take a resource on an adjacent tile during wander
  000293211 Mechanics - Town structuresminorresolved (Dydzio)2018-07-19Skeleton transformer don't get Bone Dragons in skelet
  000296911 Modsminorresolved (AVS)2018-07-17Towns are initialized before articact handler can patch creature handler with war machine ID
  000296431 Map Editorminorresolved (AVS)2018-05-21Autumn Rampart mod crashes map editor.
  00028701   Map Editorcrashresolved (AVS)2018-05-21Map Editor Incapatibility
  00021894   Otherminorresolved (SXX)2018-04-13please consider adding /usr/share/games/vcmi as a data lookup path
  000293721 Mechanics - Town structurescrashresolved (AVS)2018-04-06Crash on market resource exchange
  00021022   GUI - PreGamemajorresolved (SXX)2018-04-05Wrong multiplayer selection permissions
  000121231 GUI - PreGameminorresolved (SXX)2018-04-05VCMI freezes at pressing "Join" button.
  00021002   GUI - PreGameminorresolved (SXX)2018-04-05Multiplayer load screen is missing
  000269911 GUI - PreGamefeatureresolved (SXX)2018-04-05Missing feature - Popup window when loading a multiplayer game
  000177323 GUI - PreGamemajorresolved (SXX)2018-04-05Load Multiplayer game: no connection window; the game loads like a single-player game and then is stuck on another player's turn
  000291918   Mechanics - Otherminorresolved (hkoehler)2018-03-27Army lose creature bonuses like Archangels morale +1 after stacks are joined
  00015556   Mechanics - Othertweakresolved (hkoehler)2018-03-27Duplicate resource generating artifacts have no effect
  00025171   Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (hkoehler)2018-03-27Bonuses: angels and archangels give separate +1 morale
  000221421 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (hkoehler)2018-03-22Warning messages in battle when no tavern exists
  00029282   GUI - Otherminorresolved (AVS)2018-03-22CAnimation crash on DEFs: SGTWMTA and SGTWMTB
  00029181   Mechanics - Battlescrashresolved (hkoehler)2018-03-16Serpent fly cause crash due to missing addInfo
  00029141   GUI - Battlescrashresolved (hkoehler)2018-03-16Upgraded Elementals crash the game
  000291721 Modsminorresolved (AVS)2018-03-16SPELL bonus not working for creatures
  00028441   Othermajorresolved (SXX)2018-03-13Compilation fails with boost 1.66.0
  000286651 Campaignscrashresolved (FeniksFire)2018-03-11After battle crash when using defend for creatures
  00029131   Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (AVS)2018-03-10macOS: Many spells don't work in macOS builds
  00024822   Random Map Generatorcrashresolved (AVS)2018-03-05Crash on second+ usage of RMG due to client memory corruption
  00026261   Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (AVS)2018-03-04deadly glance gorgon animation work 2 times
  0002905    Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2018-03-04No delayed action when delaying after high morale
  000290311 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2018-03-04angelic alliance gives priority to the turn of the turn
  000290411 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2018-03-04dendroid ability work incorrect
  00028881   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2018-03-02SPELL_AFTER_ATTACK spells don't have expert level on Magic Plains
  00011151   AI - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2018-03-01Enchantment spells not correctly evaluated
  000290111 AI - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2018-03-01AI don't use fireboll
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