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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00013332   Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed2016-09-12Spells: fire Shield should be rechecked
  0001834    GUI - Othertweaknew2016-09-12(Tavern window) Some GUI elements disappear when popup window is opened.
  00024702   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeaturenew2016-09-07Give boat to heroes spawned on water
  0002469 1 Mechanics - Town structuresminornew2016-09-07Random Town: fully built in H3M editor have less structures in VCMI
  0002468    Mechanics - Otherminornew2016-09-05Spell cheat misbehavior
  000170211 Mechanics - Adventure Mapminoracknowledged2016-08-28Can't start SoD map
  0002457    GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2016-08-12Defeat/Victory window can't be closed by ENTER after auto-combat
  000236311 Random Map Generatorminornew2016-07-12Tavern blocks access to other objects
  00024412   Random Map Generatorfeaturenew2016-05-14Feature request: RMG should also respect monsters matching to town option
  0001966 2 Mechanics - Otherminornew2016-04-07Hero Placeholder
  000242712 GUI - Otherminornew2016-03-13Grail - puzzle map shouldn't have roads on it
  00024242   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeaturenew2016-03-12Feature idea - Heroes IV Bomb (delete adventure map objects via events)
  0001749    GUI - Othermajornew2016-02-21Flashing/blinking menu and buildings when in town
  0002408    GUI - PreGamecrashnew2016-02-21Client crashing on attempt to view save with unknown town / faction from mod
  0002385    GUI - PreGamefeatureacknowledged2016-02-21Feature: show mods required by the save file
  0002414    GUI - Battlesfeaturenew2016-02-14Siege: animation needed for drawbridge lowering / raising
  0002409 1 GUI - Battlesminornew2016-02-02Back of arrow tower creature is rendered in left border of window
  0002404 1 GUI - Adventure Maptextnew2016-01-27Missing feature - CQuest text about time limit
  0002403    Mechanics - Othercrashnew2016-01-27Grail should always be placed even if no suitable tile found
  000240211 GUI - Otherfeaturenew2016-01-27Grail - option to show the same puzzle for everyone in team
  00024011   GUI - Otherfeaturenew2016-01-27Client must somehow always fallback to software renderer
  0002400    GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2016-01-27Offer to assemble combined artifact - wrong info windows sequence when pick last artifact
  000232221 Mechanics - Battlescrashacknowledged2016-01-25Crash after battle finished
  0002397 2 GUI - Otherminornew2016-01-25"Print-screen" button doesn't work at particular conditions.
  00021432   GUI - Otherfeaturenew2016-01-23Missing feature - notification window of resources sent to player
  00014163   Mechanics - Town structuresminornew2016-01-22Retreat / Surrender sends hero to the left Tavern slot only - H3 used both slots to place them
  0001904 1 Sound, music, videosminornew2016-01-210.96b- Intro doesn't have any sound and the resolution is a bit buggy.
  000238952 GUI - Otherminornew2016-01-19CComponent::getSubtitleInternal segfaults on unknown town buildings
  0002370 1 Mechanics - Otherfeatureacknowledged2016-01-10Missing feature - AI resource bonus
  0002367    Mechanics - Otherfeatureacknowledged2016-01-10Missing feature - Handicap
  0002365 1 GUI - Battlesfeaturenew2016-01-06Missing feature - infowindow about towers status and damage on siege
  00014072   GUI - Adventure Maptrivialacknowledged2015-12-21Adventure Map & Adventure Options missing hotkeys
  00015651   GUI - Battlesfeatureacknowledged2015-12-21Autobattle should be cancelable by mouse button click
  000220511 GUI - Battlesfeatureacknowledged2015-12-21VCMI 0.98c - Combat options - creatures info and auto-combat options can not be changed in battle
  00019781   Sound, music, videosminornew2015-12-14Music should not restart or pause if player changed to other town of same type
  0002342    Modsminornew2015-11-29Wrong file names of Sea Serpent/Haspid in HotA sudmod
  0002341    Mechanics - Adventure Mapminornew2015-11-29Digging status: we shouldn't expose invisible objects like placed events
  00023321   Mechanics - Objectsfeaturenew2015-11-19Artifact "Monsters Power" can not be put to any of slots.
  000103336 GUI - Othertextnew2015-11-08in dialog box/map description/map name text {in figure brackets} not yellow
  000033011 Mechanics - Adventure Mapminornew2015-10-30Hero may sometimes start with Expert Logistics movement points, possibly because of movement artifacts equipped
  000227314 GUI - Adventure Mapcrashconfirmed2015-10-25Hero Ufretin take kristal and heroes closed. He go through town and when tri take it = quit.
  000230531 Mechanics - Otherminornew2015-10-17Sometimes it does not intermeddle spells in the transfer window (scholar)
  0001802 1 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2015-10-17Window showing spells shared between heroes is not resizable
  000190711 GUI - Othercrashnew2015-10-17View Hex grid button crashes game, and some buttons in battle setting don't work
  00022161   Otherminornew2015-10-17Heroes of Might and Magic III - Map Parsing Arbitrary Code Execution
  0002298    Otherminornew2015-10-10Recursive symlink cause VCMI to stop loading on preinitDLL exception
  0001205    Random Map Generatorfeaturenew2015-09-29Cann't choose the allies for random map.
  0001605    Random Map Generatormajornew2015-09-04Sometimes the map can't be uncovered and allied towns can be flagged whereas foreign towns can't be flagged
  0002194 1 GUI - Otherminorconfirmed2015-06-21800x600 screen overlaps 1366x768 screen after forced to desktop during fullscreen play
  0002200 1 Otherminornew2015-06-21Opening video problem, High-res Menu mod issue and VCMI_Client_log pinpointing possible problems
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