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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000306543 AI - Battlesminorresolved2022-03-27battle hangs if no shot left from ballista
  0003197    Otherminornew2022-03-23Request for testing - autoskip mode
  000293811 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved2022-03-22The assessment of the hazard in one of the AI is broke. Attacks a very weak army on a very strong army.
  000256224 AI - Battlesminorresolved2022-03-22AI attacking dwelling without taking guards into account and dying
  000173523 AI - Battlesminorfeedback2022-03-22Weird behaviour.
  000271722 AI - Adventure Mapminorfeedback2022-03-22If AI is in War Machine Factory unable to attack
  000257971 GUI - Battlescrashresolved2022-03-22Freeze after battle when human players hero with tactics attacked on AI turn
  000256521 Othercrashresolved2022-03-22Crash on CClient::serialize when save netpack recieved
  000282911 AI - Battlesminornew2022-03-22The unit in the moat does not descend from it +broken save
  00031461   Otherblocknew2022-03-22client hang after connecting to server
  0003013 1 Othercrashnew2022-03-22Rare crash when starting the game
  0003034 1 AI - Adventure Mapminornew2022-03-22endless loop when doing AI does a trade
  000131413 Otherminornew2022-03-22Hanged occasionaly.
  0001787    Otherminornew2022-03-22A strange crash during AI turn
  000162991 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned2022-03-22VCMI crashed during AI's turn
  00031631   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved2022-03-21Expert dispel must remove all spells
  0001675    Campaignsminornew2022-03-20If no hero placeholder (by hero type ID) could be replaced, one hero should be created at least
  000256621 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved2022-03-18Crash on AI turn during hero movement without backtrace
  0000372 2 GUI - Adventure Mapfeaturenew2022-03-18Missing feature - Adventure Map object transparency (e.g.: when hero behind it) not yet implemented
  000318212 Modsfeaturenew2022-03-18Cannot complete town buildings
  00029431   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved2022-03-18Land mines do not explode
  000285541 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved2022-03-18Counterspells should dispel relevant spells
  00030843   AI - Battlesmajorfeedback2022-03-17Archerers in the castles attacks the ballistra
  000258212 AI - Battlesminorresolved2022-03-17Units are afraid to go over the ditch
  00019211   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved2022-03-17Mines + Wolf Rider/Wolf Raider
  000303122 Othercrashresolved2022-03-17hang on victory
  0002370 2 Mechanics - Otherfeatureacknowledged2022-03-17Missing feature - AI resource bonus
  000303054 GUI - Othermajorresolved2022-03-17Freeze after ending first level of first campaign
  000271921 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved2022-03-17freeze on attack the town
  000253511 GUI - Othermajorresolved2022-03-17Client might stuck after battle if it's not recieve battle result window
  000317213   Othercrashresolved2022-03-16Crash when entering the battle
  000280511 GUI - Adventure Maptrivialnew2022-03-16A dialog box about shipyard showed when clicked on the castle doorway
  000283821 GUI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved2022-03-16Crash when I enter in castle
  000316742 Launchercrashresolved2022-03-16Crash when click single scenario in new game
  000314811   Othercrashresolved2022-03-16[MacOS] Game always crash after end of the day button is pressed
  000172732 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved2022-03-16Endless loop
  0003135103 Othercrashnew2022-03-16Can't load XL maps
  000305621 Othermajorresolved2021-01-31On Android the left and right bars which should be black are rendered with artifacts
  00028031   Modsminornew2021-01-31[Mod issue] Soul Eaters should be classified as undead
  000291222 GUI - PreGamecrashnew2021-01-30looks like deserealization - can't loading saves
  000308211 GUI - Othermajorresolved2021-01-26Not opening full screen
  00027511   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeaturenew2021-01-25H3 compatibility: option for Dimension Door to teleport on unexplored tile
  00016351   Campaignsminornew2021-01-25Minor campaign features that are still missing
  000263621 Modsminorresolved2021-01-25Hero gained a spell through Eagle eye called "Injury"
  0003085121 AI - Adventure Mapminornew2020-12-20Adding new types of two way monoliths crashes game on ai turn
  000217041 Campaignsminorassigned2020-12-14conditions after achieving victory, the campaign stops instead to continue.
  00031571   GUI - PreGamemajornew2020-12-06hovering or clicking on campain selection icons triggers "double free or corruption (out)" and abort
  000315021 Mechanics - Town structuresmajornew2020-10-12Buggy first version of Mod system improvement Part I : Special buildings should work in modders towns
  00031384   Modsminornew2020-08-05Werevolves are scary submod of Hills of unrest freezes vcmiclient
  000312914 AI - Adventure Mapminornew2020-05-16Flying hero covered by obstacles during movement
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