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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000274222 Random Map Generatormajorresolved2022-09-17RMG issues - doesn't create the map.
  0001205    Random Map Generatorfeatureresolved (Povelitel)2022-09-17Cann't choose the allies for random map.
  00018583   Otherminorresolved (Povelitel)2022-09-17Long compilation time on GCC
  00026512   Sound, music, videosminorresolved (Povelitel)2022-09-17*.OGG music can not be played on Mac build
  00016275   AI - Battlesminorresolved (Tow)2022-09-16AI crashed when only one spell was used
  000276741 Modsminorresolved (Nullkiller)2022-09-16Double clicking on abilities Commanders learn through leveling up, crashes VCMI
  000232452 Othercrashassigned (SXX)2022-09-16Segfault when buying spellbook
  000315332 Random Map Generatormajorresolved (Nordsoft)2022-09-16Random maps generator starts to create empty maps with some mods with new decorative objects.
  000318051 Campaignsfeatureresolved (Povelitel)2022-09-16If a hero is from a previous scenario. There can be two identical heroes on the map
  00031752   Launcherminorresolved2022-09-16Does not save or use resolution set in launcher.
  000200310   GUI - PreGameminorresolved (Tow)2022-09-16Resolution always defaults to 800x600
  00029682   GUI - PreGameminorresolved (Povelitel)2022-09-16Cannot choose any map templates
  00031764   Modsmajorresolved (Nullkiller)2022-09-16Android 11 load mods more slow than Android 10
  000315561 Modscrashresolved2022-09-16Crashes when entering a battle (problem with Hota addon?)
  00032203   Launchermajornew2022-09-13Android 11 Storage permission needs rework
  000226212 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (Warmonger)2022-09-09AI stuck behind cleared bank
  000322731 Modsminorresolved (Warmonger)2022-09-09Hero rescued from small HoTA prison is misplaced
  000322931 Modsmajorresolved (Warmonger)2022-09-09Hero Orrin can be found in multiple prisons
  000302921 AI - Adventure Mapmajorassigned (Dydzio)2022-09-06Cannot get object ID with XXX still happens
  000321521 AI - Adventure Mapcrashassigned (Nullkiller)2022-09-06NullkillerAI: crash
  000321711 Launchertweakresolved (Warmonger)2022-09-04Disable button doesn't change check icon
  000272822 Launcherminorresolved (Warmonger)2022-09-04Text under buttons is invisible for 1024*600 resolution.
  00029761   Launcherminorresolved (Warmonger)2022-09-04Launcher does not preserve window size
  00031902   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (Nordsoft)2022-08-28Boots of levitation don't allow water walking
  000237142 Random Map Generatormajorresolved (Nordsoft)2022-08-28Some objects are not guarded from side
  00031166   Launcherblockresolved (Nordsoft)2022-08-24Trying to uninstall the terrain mod WIPED my personal files in home
  000304221 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Nordsoft)2022-08-22orb of vulnerability does not affect opponent's creatures
  000322811 Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (Nordsoft)2022-08-22Orb of Vulnerability doesn't work
  00032181   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Nordsoft)2022-08-22Creature heroes' specialties don't work in newest daily builds
  00032191   Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (Nordsoft)2022-08-22Heroes specialties with creatures don't work.
  0003224    Mechanics - Otherminornew2022-07-02Right click doesnt work with a mouse
  0003223 1 AI - Battlesmajorassigned (Nullkiller)2022-06-29WOG: freeze in battle
  000322112 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (Nullkiller)2022-06-08Nullkiller AI is stuck on attacking castle
  000281851 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (AVS)2022-05-04Crash on AI turn
  00031301   Mechanics - Battlescrashresolved (Nullkiller)2022-05-04[WOG] Winning the battle with only the commander crashes the game
  000289751 GUI - Battlescrashresolved (Nullkiller)2022-05-04Summoned elementals + Armageddon crash
  00030892   Campaignscrashresolved (Nullkiller)2022-05-04Crash when only summoned creatures are left alive
  000321353 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (Nullkiller)2022-05-03Game crash when AI moves
  00032083   AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved2022-04-28Ai hangs when it cannot recruit heroes over set limit
  0003212    AI - Battlesminornew2022-04-19Stack failed movement (moat problems)
  0003211    GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowfeaturenew2022-04-14[Feature request] adiitional hardcoded config
   0003210    Mechanics - Otherfeaturenew2022-04-14[Feature request] adiitional hardcoded config for on map heroes
  00018381   Random Map Generatorcrashresolved (Warmonger)2022-04-12Crash on creating 2nd random map in same session
  00013941   Campaignscrashresolved (Ivan)2022-04-11Can not open the scenario information of a campaign
  0002646    Modsfeaturenew2022-04-10HotA's Cape of Silence artifact bug
  00012843   Mechanics - Battlesfeatureassigned (SXX)2022-04-10Next Creature logic does not work like in OH3 in Tactics phase
  0002542 1 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashassigned (SXX)2022-04-10Crash when AI attempt to buy a boat
  00005891   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (Tow dragon)2022-04-06Bugs related to the combination of Morale, Wait & Heal
  000306613 AI - Adventure Mapminornew2022-04-05AI hangs (not skipping hero?)
  000301821 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved2022-04-05Infinite loops during AI turn.
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