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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00022543   Mechanics - Town structuresminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Skeleton Transformer doesn't work properly on Hydras
  00022451   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Berserk and fire shield not working correctly
  00022431   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Magic mirror broken (at least for Faerie Dragons)
  0002230103 Launchercrashclosed (AVS)2016-11-11VCMI (0.98c) client crashes when executed
  000166811 GUI - Othertrivialclosed (anoleyn)2016-11-11Cursor locks as question mark
  000139021 GUI - Battlescrashclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Crash in creaure window after multiple Blind / Stone gaze casts
  000226141 GUI - Otherminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Ability description goes out beyond the border in creature window
  00022592   Mechanics - Objectsmajorclosed (Warmonger)2016-11-11New artifacts don't spawn on maps if WoG mod is disabled
  00022581   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowcrashclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Crash on moving a slot in garrison if slot is single
  000224811 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-11-11Client crashes on very complex map on first AI turn
  00022411   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Cannot upgrade sharpshooters or enchanters during hero exchange screen
  00022151   GUI - Othermajorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11's' key is a hotkey for the save button
  00021072   Random Map Generatormajorclosed (Warmonger)2016-11-11Start position for player-chosen colors may be not available: lose on startup
  000196711 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Morale and luck bonus are not displayed properly
  00018435   Otherminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Spell glitches
  000166932 GUI - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2016-11-11Wrong luck description
  000140611 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowtrivialclosed (AVS)2016-11-11We can select ally troops in the exchange window
  00013651   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Issues with creature abilities duration. At least Unicorn's Blind and Dendroid's Roots are broken
  00013597   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Incorrect turn order in battle, related to Basilisks petrification
  000194721 GUI - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Dimension Door buff in battle
  0002235    Campaignsmajorclosed (AVS)2016-10-22After win in Campaigns game freeze!
  00021462   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07hero Melodia have spell Fortune, it work for all units
  00021314   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07Wystan hero specialty didn't worked
  00018061   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07ability scorpicor not lost, after hitting unit.
  000155681 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07Counterstrike
  000222514 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-07Have crash in 1 day after end turn
  000221845 Random Map Generatorminorclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-072 sawmill very close near the town
  00020421   Campaignsminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07Random skills in next scenario.
  000198084 GUI - PreGamecrashclosed (Fay)2016-04-07Crash after two saves downloads
  000144343 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (AVS)2016-04-07Crash spell sacrifice
  00022381   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07spell Frenzy - after "wait" the spell when it comes to the turn disappears.
  0002237 3 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (AVS)2016-04-07Server crash after human player defeat
  000222411 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-07Have crash in 1 day after end turn
  000203321 AI - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07Firewall - 2 stek in 2 geks not work?
  0001965 1 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-04-07in combat units are not displayed correctly killed
  000222312 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-01Have crash in day 3
  000222113 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-01VCMI crashes on starting user-made map (SoD)
  000213214 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-01Crash during AI turn
  000222711 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-01Crash during AI turn
  000222611 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2016-04-01Crash during AI turn
  00021373   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (SXX)2015-10-15Ballistics: shouldn't give you control over catapult if there no targets to attack
  00018142   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-10-01Can cause infinitely clone.
  0002185    Mechanics - Othermajorclosed (AVS)2015-09-14Bonus system: incorrect usage of CBonusSystemNode::bonuses
  000180511 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-09-14Resurrect
  00009772   GUI - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-09-14VCMI hangs after casting force field
  000223383 Othercrashclosed2015-08-27crash on save
  00020322   Random Map Generatorcrashclosed (AVS)2015-08-25Multiplayer: if you generate a network game without a player - crash
  000159652 Othercrashclosed (linuxrocks123)2015-08-24Memory leak every turn
  000191544 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (AVS)2015-08-24Frenzy - crash


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