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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002046    Otherminornew2015-01-19Drzewo wiedzy pokazuje zawszÄ™ 1
  00020442   Otherminornew2015-01-18Crash while trying to visit town
  0002036 1 Campaignsminornew2015-01-11Immediately available all campaigns
  000202722 GUI - Otherminornew2015-01-05Crash at the end of a mission
  00020081   Mechanics - Otherminornew2014-12-25Artifact Merchants: incorrect prices for combined artifacts
  00020061   Otherfeaturenew2014-12-25Missing feature - sharing resources between allied AI and player
  00018582   Otherminornew2014-12-24Long compilation time on GCC
  0001999    GUI - Othertweaknew2014-12-24Incorrect pop-up message in Sacrifice Artifact window
  0000144    GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2014-12-24In Hero Meeting window, when we click on the Catapult, we get the wrong pop-up message (0.73c#19)
  000056212 GUI - Otherminornew2014-12-24Marketplace - the yellow frames for selected resources are thinner than in H3 and not well centered around the resource box
  00019821   Othertweaknew2014-11-29Mouse always jumps back to orignal position on small distances
  0001021 2 GUI - Otherfeaturenew2014-11-26Incorrect showing loss condition, victory condition and header in Scenario Information window
  00019578   Othercrashnew2014-11-21Game crashes down after loading screen
  0001969    Sound, music, videostrivialnew2014-11-20Gargoyles has no sound when moving
  000131632 Mechanics - Battlesminorconfirmed2014-11-14Soul Eater (Necro commander) does not function as it should
  000191714 Othercrashnew2014-11-10Server crashing when creating new game
  000190521 GUI - Otherfeatureacknowledged2014-10-29In System Options, two buttons don't work
  0001921    Mechanics - Battlesminornew2014-10-16Mines + Wolf Rider/Wolf Raider
  0001906 1 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2014-09-26Buggy commander skill descriptions
  000188014 Othercrashfeedback2014-09-26Game crashes at the end of the turn
  00018931   GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2014-09-23Fog of War flashes revealing adventure map for milliseconds while moving
   00018832   Otherfeaturenew2014-08-31could you GPG sign vcmi releases?
  000188211 Campaignscrashnew2014-08-23Game crash after entering into the Town
  0001848 1 Campaignsminornew2014-07-18Crash after moving to next mission in scenario
  00017962   Othercrashnew2014-07-18app crashes every time when loading scenario
  0001824 1 Mechanics - Battlesminornew2014-07-03Improper order of creatures moves in certain battles
  000180111 GUI - Battlesminornew2014-06-13Crash during battle
  0001800 2 GUI - Battlesminornew2014-06-12Image overlapping during battles
  0001795 1 GUI - Adventure Mapmajornew2014-06-03Client aborts execution at moving.
  0001792    Sound, music, videosminornew2014-05-19VCMI does not plays "h3intro.smk" on start (Catherine arrival)
  0001787    Otherminornew2014-05-10A strange crash during AI turn
  0001772    GUI - Adventure Mapmajornew2014-04-06SIGABRT when ending game from adventure map
  0001771    GUI - Adventure Mapcrashnew2014-04-06Crash when loading a map (campaign scenario)
  000176411 GUI - Adventure Mapcrashnew2014-03-28Attempting to capture enemy town causes game to crash.
  000174752 AI - Adventure Mapminornew2014-03-09An endless AI turn
  000174631 GUI - Adventure Maptweaknew2014-03-06Date bar is incorrectly centered after month 100
  0001695172 Campaignscrashacknowledged2014-03-03Custom campaign - crash.
  0001687 1 Campaignscrashnew2014-02-08Ghost troops after going to another mission in campaign
  0001675    Campaignsminornew2014-01-30If no hero placeholder (by hero type ID) could be replaced, one hero should be created at least
  0001672    GUI - Adventure Mapcrashnew2014-01-30Segmentation fault when starting the map
  000162991 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned2014-01-30VCMI crashed during AI's turn
  00016511   Modsminorconfirmed2014-01-12Creature abilities don't use duration
  0001649 2 GUI - Othermajornew2014-01-08Area around hero and other graphics such as town structures tinted blue on OS X
  0001642    Campaignsfeaturenew2013-12-31Do not let the player give the possibility to choose a hero bonus if the hero is a crossover hero moving to new scenario
  0001618    Campaignsminorassigned2013-12-17Bonus campaign screen should display button to re-view campaign video
  000039812 Mechanics - Othercrashconfirmed2013-12-07Crash if I exit the game while in battle
  0001304 3 GUI - Otherminornew2013-09-14should not be on list error
  00013154   GUI - Adventure Mapfeaturenew2013-06-11Suggestion to make information windows non-modal
  0001318    Mechanics - Battlestweaknew2013-06-10Multiple spell animations are shown simultaneously instead of consecutively
  0001129 1 GUI - Adventure Maptrivialnew2013-06-02Spell points left are not always updated in the Hero info box on Adventure Map after a battle
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