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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00018341   GUI - Othertweakresolved (Ivan)2024-05-18(Tavern window) Some GUI elements disappear when popup window is opened.
  0003185 4 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (Nullkiller)2024-05-15Bug of a hero with an underground gate.
  0002980    AI - Adventure Mapmajornew2024-05-15AI can't collect army to defeat guard on the other side of Subterranean Gate
  0002480    Otherminorassigned (AVS)2024-05-11Save desync with GCC build. CHeroHandler->expPerLevel serialization
  00025952   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Ivan)2024-05-11in mercenary camp you can buy other uints us crystal dragon, etc.
  0003212    AI - Battlesminorclosed (Povelitel)2024-05-11Stack failed movement (moat problems)
  000205925 AI - Adventure Mapmajorassigned (Warmonger)2024-05-11AI scouts heroes may block path for others when path is blocked by armed instance
  00016051   Random Map Generatormajorfeedback (Povelitel)2024-05-11Sometimes the map can't be uncovered and allied towns can be flagged whereas foreign towns can't be flagged
  00025681   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (Povelitel)2024-05-11Creature banks: visited by enemy AI player marked as visited for everyone
  00027663   GUI - Othermajorclosed (Povelitel)2024-05-11GUI window disappear
  000278272 GUI - PreGamemajorclosed (Povelitel)2024-05-11Sometimes console hangs up and game doesn't start.
  000287811 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Warmonger)2024-05-11Tweaks - Wrong desissions AI with defence town and management growth
  000272221 AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Dydzio)2024-05-11Riddle, mysticism. AI attacks me only if I cross the garrison. So I stand side by side and he does not touch me.
  000301583 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Povelitel)2024-05-11AI: wrong priorities. Need tuning
  0003070 1 GUI - Adventure Mapmajorassigned (Ivan)2024-05-11Hotseat freeze on non-current player attacked if current player had lost
  000306833 Otherminorclosed (Povelitel)2024-05-11Command "gosolo" don't work
  000237451 AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (SXX)2024-05-11VisitHero::fulfillsMe goal check used after battle with killed hero
  000251941 Mechanics - Town structurestweakclosed2024-05-11The hero does not receive messages in the new week about the stable if he sleeps in the city
  000319111 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Crash this turn Nullkiller AI
  000178611 AI - Battlesmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11VCMI crashed during AI's turn [2]
  000202352 AI - Battlesmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Crash during battle
  000179511 GUI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Client aborts execution at moving.
  000318611 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Freeze blue AI Nullkiller
  000260565 Mechanics - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Freeze between heroes
  0003144    Multiplayerminorassigned (Ivan)2024-05-11Typo in CServerHandler.cpp at line 421 in CServerHandler::sendMessage()
  000262462 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2024-05-11Crash turn AI
  000319611 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Incredibly long yellow player AI turn (Performance Issues )
  000319811 AI - Adventure Maptextassigned (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Error: You were identified as player X while expecting Y
  000320111 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Sometimes AI doesn't appreciate its main hero
  000320311 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11NullkillerAI: AI does not take into account the threat that he can be killed, through a ransom in the city
  000320211 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (Nullkiller)2024-05-11AI Nullkiller: AI doesn't see the difference between a ford and a castle
  00032041   AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Nullkiller)2024-05-11AI does not see the threat of recapturing its city.
  000306623 AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Povelitel)2024-05-11AI hangs (not skipping hero?)
  000254211 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (SXX)2024-05-11Crash when AI attempt to buy a boat
  000322311 AI - Battlesmajorclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11WOG: freeze in battle
  000322122 AI - Adventure Mapminorfeedback (Nullkiller)2024-05-11Nullkiller AI is stuck on attacking castle
  000321531 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Nullkiller)2024-05-11NullkillerAI: crash
  000232462 Othercrashclosed (SXX)2024-05-11Segfault when buying spellbook
  000325423 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Povelitel)2024-05-11AI Stuck on it's turn
  000159894 Othertextresolved (Ivan)2024-05-11Reduce some warning/error messages while ingame
  000255211 GUI - Otherfeatureresolved (SXX)2024-04-18Missing feature - Option to change nickname in player list
  000274311 GUI - Adventure Maptextresolved (Ivan)2024-04-18Wrong number of teams in Scenario Information on a randomly generated map.
  00027382   GUI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (Ivan)2024-04-18Wrong description of creature dwellings on the map after loading a savegame.
  00027501   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (Ivan)2024-04-13Cheating: CGameHandler::hireHero need check when hero hired from adventure map
  000261011 Mechanics - Town structuresminorresolved (Ivan)2024-04-13Active creatures buying buttons, even if there is no place. Do not issue warnings
  000113222 GUI - PreGamefeatureresolved (SXX)2024-04-13Player name should editable and capitalized
  00023321   Modsfeaturenew2024-04-13Artifact "Monsters Power" can not be put to any of slots.
  000103346 GUI - Othertextresolved (Ivan)2024-04-13in dialog box/map description/map name text {in figure brackets} not yellow
  00022951   GUI - Adventure Maptrivialresolved (AVS)2024-04-10Town portal missing error message when try to cast it on water
  00027512   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (Ivan)2024-04-10H3 compatibility: option for Dimension Door to teleport on unexplored tile
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