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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00015832   GUI - Adventure Maptweakresolved (Warmonger)2015-10-24Player warning 'you only have x days left to capture a town' doesn't popup the first time + further tweaks for player warnings
  0002309    Otherfeatureacknowledged (AVS)2015-10-20Feature: modpacks
  000230531 Mechanics - Otherminornew2015-10-17Sometimes it does not intermeddle spells in the transfer window (scholar)
  0001802 1 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2015-10-17Window showing spells shared between heroes is not resizable
  00012306   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (SXX)2015-10-17Missing creature ability: Nomads allow free movement on sand
  000190711 GUI - Othercrashnew2015-10-17View Hex grid button crashes game, and some buttons in battle setting don't work
  00022161   Otherminornew2015-10-17Heroes of Might and Magic III - Map Parsing Arbitrary Code Execution
  00022764   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2015-10-16Refugee Camp is guarded for level 5+ creatures
  00021373   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (SXX)2015-10-15Ballistics: shouldn't give you control over catapult if there no targets to attack
  000206072 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Ivan)2015-10-15After loading game FuzzyHelper::estimateBankDanger not work properly
  00020862   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-10-15Spells: earthquake isn't blocked in battle's without town
  000205721 GUI - PreGameminorclosed (SXX)2015-10-15Scrolling of custom campaign list mess up it
  00020667   Mechanics - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (SXX)2015-10-15First hero movement after town / non-pickable object visit can't be interrupted
  000208511 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (SXX)2015-10-15Movement of hero using arrow keys cause crash after attempt to move into map border
  00020643   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureclosed (AVS)2015-10-15Alliances: town portal spell should let teleport to ally towns too
  000213631 AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Warmonger)2015-10-14AI eternity try built boat (freeze)
  0002298    Otherminornew2015-10-10Recursive symlink cause VCMI to stop loading on preinitDLL exception
  0002295    GUI - Adventure Maptrivialacknowledged (AVS)2015-10-09Town portal missing error message when try to cast it on water
  0002296    GUI - Adventure Maptrivialacknowledged (AVS)2015-10-09Fly spell missing error message when try to cast it on boat
  000227523 Launchercrashclosed (Ivan)2015-10-08VCMI (0.98d) client crashes when executed
  0002290    GUI - Battlesminoracknowledged (AVS)2015-10-08Information about timed adventure map spells displayed on stacks in battle.
  00022891   GUI - Battlesmajorclosed (SXX)2015-10-07Retreat from battle started by guarded object dialog cause freeze
  00020581   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (SXX)2015-10-06Archangel's can cast resurrect on their own stack
  00022852   Random Map Generatorminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-10-05near the mines are no resources
  0002265    Mechanics - Battlestweakclosed (AVS)2015-10-05Spel "Cure" possible cause if no one use
  00021142   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorclosed (SXX)2015-10-03Can't put on hero: Sea Captain's Hat or Admiral's Hat
  00018142   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-10-01Can cause infinitely clone.
  0002262 2 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-09-30AI stuck behind cleared bank
  0001205    Random Map Generatorfeaturenew2015-09-29Cann't choose the allies for random map.
  0002190    Otherminorassigned (SXX)2015-09-22please consider storing vcmi static data in /usr/share/games/vcmi by default
  0001728 2 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Tow)2015-09-17Kill hero. Ignor empty castle.
  000172511 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Tow)2015-09-17stupid move. ignor hero (100 muvepoints)
  0002185    Mechanics - Othermajorclosed (AVS)2015-09-14Bonus system: incorrect usage of CBonusSystemNode::bonuses
  000180511 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-09-14Resurrect
  00009772   GUI - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-09-14VCMI hangs after casting force field
  00022571   Otherblockassigned (xyz)2015-09-08Game Crash (Android)
  0001605    Random Map Generatormajornew2015-09-04Sometimes the map can't be uncovered and allied towns can be flagged whereas foreign towns can't be flagged
  000221914 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2015-08-30Just crash day 4, week 1
  000217314 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Warmonger)2015-08-30Server Crash
  000223383 Othercrashclosed2015-08-27crash on save
  00020322   Random Map Generatorcrashclosed (AVS)2015-08-25Multiplayer: if you generate a network game without a player - crash
  000159652 Othercrashclosed (linuxrocks123)2015-08-24Memory leak every turn
  000187611 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2015-08-24Being on the map does not look like in battle
  000178312 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Tow)2015-08-24Heroes simply closed on the move AI. Gives no errors
  000178214 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Tow)2015-08-24Crash when AI attack town AI
  000175824 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed2015-08-24Long test. Crash if press "end turn" (AI not exist)
  000186923 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Tow)2015-08-24Crash after "end turn"
  000191544 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (AVS)2015-08-24Frenzy - crash
  000223152 Launcherminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-08-22Downloading and refreshing repositories error
  00022321   Othercrashclosed (Warmonger)2015-08-17crash on save
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