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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00018413   [VCMI]
blockresolved2015-02-13Forum registration requires validation code that is not displayed
  0002667    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureresolved (AVS)2017-04-14Object copying on drag when CTRL is pressed
  00026661   [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureresolved (AVS)2017-04-09Remove all button for Event and Pandora's Box "rewards"
  00024762   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
minorassigned (Dydzio)2017-03-26Adventure map scrolling doesn't work when moving mouse too fast to screen border
  00026722   [VCMI]
Map Editor
minorresolved (AVS)2017-03-26Garrison: creature types disappear after setting count of one to 0
  0002658 1 [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureresolved (AVS)2017-03-25More information for bottom status bar: player, map dimensions, current level
  0002661    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureresolved (AVS)2017-03-25Use arrow keys to move view when no object selected
  0002669    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureresolved (AVS)2017-03-25If specified suggest map name as filename for new maps
  000267131 [VCMI]
Map Editor
minorresolved (AVS)2017-03-25Do not open new windows for objects without properties
  0002670    [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
featureassigned (Warmonger)2017-03-25VCAI: should consider merged army when attacking towns
  0002668    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureassigned (AVS)2017-03-24Check mark indicator for objects with modified options
  0002665    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureassigned (AVS)2017-03-23Better sorting for creature lists
  0002664    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureassigned (AVS)2017-03-23Fast search in drop-down lists using keyboard
  0002663 1 [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureassigned (AVS)2017-03-23Option to show visitability directions for selected object
  0002662    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureassigned (AVS)2017-03-23Option to toggle grid for objects in right panel
  0002660    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureassigned (AVS)2017-03-23Object removal brush with options
  0002659    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureresolved (AVS)2017-03-22Town buildings: build all, demolish all, enable all, disable all
  0002657    [VCMI]
Map Editor
featureassigned (AVS)2017-03-21Terrain animation and option to toggle it
  0002656    [VCMI]
Map Editor
minorresolved (AVS)2017-03-21Roads / River removal brush stuck
  00026551   [VCMI]
crashnew2017-03-19Game crashes after campaign video
  000159511 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Other
crashresolved (Dydzio)2017-03-19Crash at scenaio restart
  000241613 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Other
minorresolved (Dydzio)2017-03-19Restarting map doesn't work
  00016231   [VCMI]
Random Map Generator
majorconfirmed2017-03-19Random map shouldn't be re-created when restarting the map
  00026383   [VCMI]
crashresolved (Dydzio)2017-03-19Often crashes after Restart Scenario option.
  00023381   [VCMI]
blockresolved (Dydzio)2017-03-19Crash during restaring game/Błąd podczas ponownego powtarzaja misji
  00016221   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
minorresolved (Dydzio)2017-03-19Random seed used for map init should not be re-used when restarting a map
  00025834   [VCMI]
majornew2017-03-19Multiplayer: RNG distribution is not consistent between compilers / platforms
  00021411   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
blockresolved (SXX)2017-03-19end turn battle
  000259711 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
majorresolved (SXX)2017-03-19Freeze after battle
  000194832 [VCMI]
majorresolved (SXX)2017-03-19[Android][Freeze] Finishing an attacking AI battle will freeze the game
  00021631   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
majorresolved (SXX)2017-03-19Multiplayer: freeze if 1st player end turn after PVP battle before 2nd player closed battle result screen
  000189773 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
blockresolved (SXX)2017-03-19Game hangs after AI captures town from player in battle
  0002654    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
crashnew2017-03-15During combat, right clicking enemy hero crashes the game.
  000264811 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
crashnew2017-03-15Crash when selecting creature to sacrifice in Altar of Sacrifice
  0002653    [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
minornew2017-03-13Casting spells creatures don't use casting animation.
  0002652    [VCMI]
majornew2017-03-12Yog CAN learn spells in Birth of a Barbarian campaign.
  000263621 [VCMI]
minorconfirmed2017-03-10Hero gained a spell through Eagle eye called "Injury"
  0002649    [VCMI]
GUI - Hero screen / Exchange window
minornew2017-03-10Primary skills stats do not update immediately when putting on/off artifacts
  000112311 [VCMI]
GUI - Hero screen / Exchange window
trivialconfirmed2017-03-10Primary Skill values don't get immediately updated in Hero Exchange window when a skill-altering artifact is moved
  0002651    [VCMI]
Sound, music, videos
minornew2017-03-02*.OGG music can not be played on Mac build
  0002650 1 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
minornew2017-02-27Fly should remove terrain penalty
  000264721 [VCMI]
tweaknew2017-02-24HOTA feature "living flame for Fire Elementals" not working
  0001295 12 [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
tweaknew2017-02-18Alignment issues in the Status Window
  00026401   [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
featureresolved (Dydzio)2017-02-18AI can't build 2nd upgrade buildings and can't hire 2nd upgrade units.
  0002646    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
featurenew2017-02-16HotA's Cape of Silence artifact bug
  000260611 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
featurenew2017-02-10Necromancy shouldn't be in University
   000243511 [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
minorresolved (Dydzio)2017-02-10All specialties in kingdom overview are "Archery"
  00025803   [VCMI]
GUI - Other
majornew2017-02-10Fullscreen game window width is bigger than it should be
  00025011   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minorresolved (Dydzio)2017-02-10Griffins meet the Crusaders in the second stroke
  000264511 [VCMI]
majorassigned (Ivan)2017-02-07Żaden mod się nie uruchamia- jest tylko podstawka shadow of death oraz nie można włączyć gry w większych rozdzielczościach
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