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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002601 1 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minornew2016-11-11error in calculating a vampire resurrect
  0002598    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Town structures
minornew2016-11-11stable in castle not give bonus (movepoints) in day visit
  0002554 2 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
crashassigned (SXX)2016-11-10Crash during turn AI
  000259211 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Town structures
crashnew2016-11-10inferno gates using this saves lead to an accident
  000209786 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
crashfeedback (SXX)2016-11-10Crash during AI turn (exchange?)
  00025961   [VCMI]
minorresolved (Dydzio)2016-11-10two tiny spelling mistakes
  0002595    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minornew2016-11-09in mercenary camp you can buy other uints us crystal dragon, etc.
  0002593 2 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minornew2016-11-05harpies do not return to the place after the attack
  00024392   [VCMI]
minorresolved (Dydzio)2016-11-04Commander and creature artifacts cause crash when trying to wear them.
  00007163   [VCMI]
GUI - PreGame
featureassigned (Dydzio)2016-11-03Last started/saved game not remembered (+ enhancement suggestions)
  0002547 6 [VCMI]
GUI - PreGame
crashnew2016-11-03I can't start with map
  0002591 1 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
crashassigned (Warmonger)2016-11-03Have crash in 1 day after end turn on this map
  000258921 [VCMI]
crashassigned (Ivan)2016-11-02Crash upon start of mission
  000259031 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minorresolved (AVS)2016-11-02AI not know power spell "armagedon" and not use him
  00025882   [VCMI]
GUI - Other
crashconfirmed2016-11-02When you switch to windowed mode or in full screen (F4) or just another app game falls
  000191161 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Town structures
minorfeedback (SXX)2016-11-02Flag on the town can be seen, as if built capitol
  0002234105 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
crashfeedback (vmarkovtsev)2016-11-02Lose hero loss condition: when target hero is dead crash occur
  0002587 1 [VCMI]
textassigned (Ivan)2016-11-01I can not see the text in the launcher
  00025442   [VCMI]
crashresolved (Ivan)2016-11-01Multiplayer pregame: Too big length with different compilers
  00025842   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
majorassigned (AVS)2016-11-01Resurrection - Archangels cannot resurrect other archangels corpse and 0 creatures stack resurrection possible
  000128611 [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
featureassigned (AVS)2016-11-01Hotkey F for Faerie Dragon's area spells
  00025853   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minorresolved (AVS)2016-10-31Quicksand and land mines can't be used in siege of any type
  0002582 2 [VCMI]
AI - Battles
minorassigned2016-10-29Units are afraid to go over the ditch
  0002581 1 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Town structures
minornew2016-10-28during the siege of the enemy troops inside the city receive half damage from the shooting towers
  000250413 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Town structures
majornew2016-10-27moat stop its two-cell units
  000251152 [VCMI]
blockassigned (Ivan)2016-10-24Launcher crashes when trying to install WOG
  000257951 [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
crashnew2016-10-23Freeze after battle when human players hero with tactics attacked on AI turn
  000203713 [VCMI]
crashassigned (beegee)2016-10-22Crash RoE - Long Live Qeen - mission2 - Guardian Angel
  000257341 [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
minorresolved (AVS)2016-10-21Spellbook icon active in battle even if hero don't have one
  0002577 2 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minornew2016-10-20moat deals damage when open gates
  0002576 1 [VCMI]
GUI - PreGame
minornew2016-10-20Can't start this map (SoD)
  0002575 1 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minorassigned (AVS)2016-10-20On autobattle fairy dragons always cast only prayer
  0002572    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
majornew2016-10-20War machines must affect surrender cost
  0002571    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minornew2016-10-20Elemental conflux: different guards in H3 and VCMI
  0002570    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
featurenew2016-10-20Elemental conflux: need better text for guards of elemental conflux
  0002355    [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
textacknowledged2016-10-20Guarded objects need more complex texts
  00013461   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
featureassigned (Warmonger)2016-10-20Missing feature - Player should be able to see exact number of guards in visited bank
  0002564    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minornew2016-10-20Player shouldn't be able to control defence of dwellings
  0002569    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minornew2016-10-20Water wheel: still grant incorrect amount of gold
  0002568    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minornew2016-10-19Creature banks: visited by enemy AI player marked as visited for everyone
  0002567    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minornew2016-10-19Pyramid: need different enemy stack positions than other banks
  0002566 1 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
crashnew2016-10-19Crash on AI turn during hero movement without backtrace
  0002565 1 [VCMI]
crashnew2016-10-19Crash on CClient::serialize when save netpack recieved
  0002562 2 [VCMI]
AI - Battles
minorconfirmed2016-10-19AI attacking dwelling without taking guards into account and dying
  0002563 3 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minornew2016-10-19Library of Enlightenment: incorrect text or icons with diplomacy skill
  00025601   [VCMI]
featurenew2016-10-18Refactoring - We need to get rid of Boost.Interprocess
  0002559 2 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
minornew2016-10-17you can not pass an artifact with a backpack in the backpack when the hero is on what that object
  0002552 1 [VCMI]
GUI - Other
featurenew2016-10-17Missing feature - Option to change nickname in player list
  0002558 2 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minornew2016-10-17Being in the attack unfold the left to the right and scroll
  000255712 [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
minornew2016-10-17instead of the battlefield "Favorable winds"
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