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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00020143   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
featureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-23Missing feature - cursor disappear during hero movement
  00014163   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Town structures
minornew2016-01-22Retreat / Surrender sends hero to the left Tavern slot only - H3 used both slots to place them
  00023585   [VCMI]
GUI - Town screen
minorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-22Description in statusbar regarding status of creatures is reversed
  0002306492 [VCMI]
GUI - PreGame
crashresolved (AVS)2016-01-21Crash at map startup
  00022031   [VCMI]
Sound, music, videos
minorconfirmed (AVS)2016-01-21VCMI 0.98c - Intro has no sound
  0001904 1 [VCMI]
Sound, music, videos
minornew2016-01-210.96b- Intro doesn't have any sound and the resolution is a bit buggy.
  000238952 [VCMI]
GUI - Other
minornew2016-01-19CComponent::getSubtitleInternal segfaults on unknown town buildings
  0002387 2 [VCMI]
featurenew2016-01-18New Old Spells mod seems don't work.
  00013923   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minorresolved (SXX)2016-01-17It's not possible to sell spell scrolls in Artifact Merchant
  000195645 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minorresolved (SXX)2016-01-17When find wood in Flotsam message is incorrect.
  0002381 1 [VCMI]
textassigned (Warmonger)2016-01-17Missing dwelling string in external creature dwellings
  00023801   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
minorresolved (SXX)2016-01-17Pathfinder shouldn't change its path to empty one after clicking on a non-accessible object
  00020741   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
tweakresolved (SXX)2016-01-15Right after start new scenario "Move Hero" button is active
  000237261 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
minorresolved (SXX)2016-01-15Reward from beaten creature doesn't work
  0002370 1 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Other
featureacknowledged2016-01-10Missing feature - AI resource bonus
  0002367    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Other
featureacknowledged2016-01-10Missing feature - Handicap
  000202051 [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
majorresolved (SXX)2016-01-10Crash during _my_ hero moving
  00023541   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
crashresolved (SXX)2016-01-10UI isn't locked when Quick Battle is still going
  00023481   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
crashresolved (SXX)2016-01-09Hotseat: crash on CTerrainRect::whichTileIsIt
  000212913 [VCMI]
Random Map Generator
crashresolved (Warmonger)2016-01-08Seer Huts RMG Bugs
  00023593   [VCMI]
GUI - Town screen
minorassigned (Ivan)2016-01-06One more bug regarding creature stack splitting
  00023663   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minorassigned (AVS)2016-01-06Spells: targeted obstacle-creating spells must placeable on moat
  0002365 1 [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
featurenew2016-01-06Missing feature - infowindow about towers status and damage on siege
  00016342   [VCMI]
Sound, music, videos
minorassigned (Ivan)2016-01-06Music should not restart in some cases
  000198152 [VCMI]
Random Map Generator
minorfeedback (Warmonger)2016-01-03Some objects on maps might be only accessible via magic well
  00023611   [VCMI]
crashassigned (xyz)2016-01-01VCMI for android is crashed!
  0001705 1 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
minorassigned (SXX)2015-12-25Hero movement reminder while no move points left
  00020833   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minorresolved (SXX)2015-12-25Stables bonus is always reset at the beginning of 2nd day of new week
  0000327168 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
minorassigned (SXX)2015-12-24Minor difference(s) in path calculation (last move rule + penalty from slow creatures)
  000106612 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
crashconfirmed (Tow)2015-12-24Pressing arrow key to move hero until he/she meets an object to pick may lead to freeze
  00018571   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Objects
minorresolved (SXX)2015-12-24Cannot revisit Events marked as such
  00023123   [VCMI]
minorresolved (SXX)2015-12-21Can't build VCMI via CMake\MinGW
  000235361 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
minorresolved (SXX)2015-12-21AI crash - requestActionASAP
  000232333 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
crashresolved (SXX)2015-12-21AI crash - SectorMap crash
  000211964 [VCMI]
AI - Adventure Map
majorconfirmed (SXX)2015-12-21Freeze in Subterranean Gates (SectorMap)
  0002352    [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
minorassigned (AVS)2015-12-21Spells: Dimension Door need move points check in client similar to Town Portal
  00004832   [VCMI]
Mechanics - Adventure Map
tweakconfirmed (AVS)2015-12-21Dimension Door - message you cann't cast DD should appear just after you choose spell not after you choos place to "jump"
  00014072   [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
trivialacknowledged2015-12-21Adventure Map & Adventure Options missing hotkeys
  0001293    [VCMI]
GUI - Adventure Map
trivialacknowledged2015-12-21T hotkey doesn't go back to the start of the list, after selecting the last town
  00015651   [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
featureacknowledged2015-12-21Autobattle should be cancelable by mouse button click
  000220511 [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
featureacknowledged2015-12-21VCMI 0.98c - Combat options - creatures info and auto-combat options can not be changed in battle
  00021021   [VCMI]
GUI - PreGame
majorassigned (SXX)2015-12-19Wrong multiplayer selection permissions
  000113212 [VCMI]
GUI - PreGame
featureassigned (SXX)2015-12-19Player name should editable and capitalized
  00006112   [VCMI]
GUI - PreGame
minorassigned (SXX)2015-12-19Some MP issues
  00004724   [VCMI]
GUI - Hero screen / Exchange window
minorfeedback (OnionKnight)2015-12-19Misc Combo artifacts can't be moved from one Misc slot to another (if occupied by one of its padlocks)
  0000640    [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minorassigned (SXX)2015-12-19Advanced Ballista doesn't get the 2nd shot sometimes, if the 1st shot destroyed the target + related console warning
  0000060    [VCMI]
Sound, music, videos
tweaknew2015-12-19Animation sound for Fortune & Mirth are not working properly
  0000694    [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
trivialassigned (SXX)2015-12-19Spell Book: Next Page subtitle + box still active on last page
  000065113 [VCMI]
GUI - Battles
trivialassigned (SXX)2015-12-19Mouse icon (sword/arrow) stays in unit's info window during battle
  000068421 [VCMI]
Mechanics - Battles
minorassigned (SXX)2015-12-19Curse spell decreases damage to 1
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