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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001672   Mechanics - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Tow)2009-12-25Pathfinder can't find a way if the road is blocked by Event. Previously it did.
  00001603   GUI - PreGametrivialclosed (Tow)2009-12-25main menu quit button no confirmation
  00002367   GUI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Tow)2009-12-25After saving or loading a save, scrolling does not appear to work.
  000015121 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Tow dragon)2009-12-25Bug - spell slow is not working anymore.
  000030921 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowcrashclosed2009-12-24Crash when we have only 1 artifact in the backpack and we try to select it
  00001114   Mechanics - Otherfeatureclosed (Warmonger)2009-12-23No +1 bonus growth in town for matching external flagged dwellings yet.
  000014631 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (Tow dragon)2009-12-23System message: Server encountered a problem: catapult tried to attack non-catapultable hex!
  000024721 GUI - PreGamecrashclosed (Zamolxis)2009-12-23Crash when trying to start the game in 1280x960 or 1600x1200 resolutions
  00001213   GUI - Otherminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22cursor not updated after r-click on adventure objects
  00003151   GUI - PreGamefeatureassigned (Tow)2009-12-22No R-click info when Starting Hero in Advanced Options screen is "None"
  00001182   Othercrashclosed (Tow)2009-12-22When putting illegal characters that can not normally go into Windows file/folder names into file save name VCMI crashes.
  00002632   Mechanics - Town structuresmajorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Buildings giving one-time hero bonuses, grant the bonus to the visiting hero every time a new structure is built.
  000009911 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowtweakclosed (Warmonger)2009-12-22When clicking on the experience icon or text, the current experience always shows as 0.
  000008521 Sound, music, videosblockclosed (Tow dragon)2009-12-22can't open .PCX/ADROLLVR6.bmp
  00000833   GUI - PreGameminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Starting Hero info seems to give erroneous information if heroes are customized from Map Editor
  00001681   Mechanics - Town structuresminorclosed (Warmonger)2009-12-22Tavern heroes are not randomly generated (except for the 1st hero generated in the left slot at the beginning of every week)
  00000762   Mechanics - Town structurestweakclosed (Warmonger)2009-12-22Sir Mullich is always showing up as second hero in the Tavern on the first day of the game.
  00002642   Mechanics - Town structuresminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Buildings giving one-time hero bonuses don't work at all after loading a saved game.
  00000716   Mechanics - Town structuresminorclosed (Warmonger)2009-12-22Buildings-skill modifiers does not affect recruited heroes
  00000703   Mechanics - Battlesmajorclosed (Tow dragon)2009-12-22Crash on clicking unreachable enemy units during battles
  00000733   GUI - Othertrivialclosed (ubuntux)2009-12-22VCMI crashing if you'll move hero by keyboard on the map border.
  00000383   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorclosed (OnionKnight)2009-12-22You can't replace one artifact with another of the same type without putting the first artifact back into the backpack.
  00000192   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowtextclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Extra character "}" in secondary skills description (exchange window only)
  000013121 Mechanics - Objectsmajorclosed (Warmonger)2009-12-22You can visit a particular Warrior's Tomb as much as you want.
  00000114   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Warmonger)2009-12-22Warrior Tomb doesn't display the dialogue window (morale penalty + artifact found) anymore.
  000021031 Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Cartographer disappears from map after load
  00000073   Mechanics - Othermajorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Many base level creatures can't be upgraded even when upgraded structure for that troop is built.
  000015341 Mechanics - Othermajorclosed (ubuntux)2009-12-22Creatures in town with upg. dwellings can arbitrarily upgrade to the town's various upg. creat. depending on garrison/hero slot.
  00000053   GUI - Otherfeatureclosed (ubuntux)2009-12-22R-click on water and terrains does not display info about them
  00000022   GUI - Otherminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22R-click on AdvMap objects makes the path arrows disappear (0.74)
  00000433   Mechanics - Otherminorclosed (ubuntux)2009-12-22"You already have 8 adventuring heroes under your command" message when trying to put a hero into a town garrison.
  000016331 GUI - Otherminorclosed (ubuntux)2009-12-22Graphic glitch on main screen during saving.
  00000842   GUI - PreGametweakclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Starting Resource (Show Adv.Options menu) gets reset every time we change Starting Town
  00000742   GUI - PreGameminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22When a starting hero is selected and you click on that same player color's flag, that starting hero is no longer selectable
  00000792   Sound, music, videosminorclosed2009-12-22Clicking sound sometimes doubled when clicking on Select Scenario
  00000772   Sound, music, videosminorclosed2009-12-22Clicking sounds missing
  00000782   Sound, music, videosminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Clicking sounds always doubled when clicking a scenario in the list
  00000129   GUI - PreGameminorclosed (Tow)2009-12-22Clicking in the first column doesn't change map
  000000311 GUI - Otherminorclosed (OnionKnight)2009-12-22Mouse cursor shows a sword over the gate of an undefended enemy town
  00000081   GUI - Otherminorclosed (OnionKnight)2009-12-22Garrison does not show sword icon when there are hostile troops - so just moving onto it causes battle with defenders.
  0000310    GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2009-12-21When a hero passes just next to another one, his animated graphics are behind the other hero, while it should overlap it
  000022352 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (Tow dragon)2009-11-28Crashes when trying to cast in the beginning of battles in 0.74b
  00002392   Mechanics - Town structurestweakclosed (Warmonger)2009-11-28All heroes available for hire in the town Tavern have full starting armies.
  000023111 Mechanics - Otherblockclosed2009-11-28End Turn leads to game freeze in 0.74b
  000023011 Mechanics - Adventure Mapblockclosed2009-11-28Game crashes after hero moves 1 tile on any given path in 0.74b
  000022812 Othermajorclosed2009-11-28Cannot hide heroes into garrison if you have 8 heroes.
  00002272   Mechanics - Town structuresminorclosed (Warmonger)2009-11-21When the Wall of Knowledge is built, the visiting/garrison hero does not get the bonus automatically. He has to exit town first.
  000016531 Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Warmonger)2009-11-21Bug creatures banks don't work
  000022111 Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Warmonger)2009-11-21Derelict Ship doesn't function anymore after loading a saved game
  00001253   Othertweakconfirmed (Tow)2009-11-21When saving games, holding down backspace or delete does not delete more than one character, which it is possible to do in H3.
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