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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00008961   AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Warmonger)2013-12-21AI will explore Veil of darkness shround infinitely, without taking other actions.
  00014213   Campaignsmajorresolved (beegee)2013-12-17Human player should have turn before AI player(s)
  000090521 AI - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Tow)2013-09-07AI doesn't save list of visited objects
  00008831   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2013-07-16Creature walking animation
  00008441   GUI - Battlesfeatureresolved (Ivan)2013-07-16Smooth moves
  00010771   GUI - Battlestrivialresolved (Ivan)2013-07-16Remaining issues with custom creature animations in battle
  00006982   Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (Ivan)2013-07-16Spell animation has the same speed, regardless of the Animation Speed setting in the Combat Options
  000068831 GUI - Battlestrivialresolved (Warmonger)2013-07-15The shaded hex(es) of the enemy target creatures should get un-shaded the moment our creature makes its move
  000129412 GUI - Adventure Maptrivialresolved (Ivan)2013-06-23Village Hall icon missing from Town Status window
  00001355   GUI - Battlesminorresolved (Ivan)2013-06-10Wight's regeneration animation graphics are different in VCMI (greenish) as compared to H3 (blue-grayish, more transparent)
  00001194   Mechanics - Objectsfeatureresolved (Warmonger)2013-06-10Random Artifact and Reward Artifact Placement Rules
  0001129 1 GUI - Adventure Maptrivialnew2013-06-02Spell points left are not always updated in the Hero info box on Adventure Map after a battle
  00012694   Mechanics - Adventure Mapmajorresolved (Tow)2013-05-31Hero exchanges are broken: Got false in applying... that request must have been fishy!
  0001273    GUI - Town screentrivialassigned (Tow)2013-05-27Selecting 1st or 2nd town icon from the scroll bar moves it to the lowest possible visible slot (3rd if enough towns above )
  0001147    GUI - Otherminornew2012-11-04Windows 8 Touch Gesture/Action support erratic
  00003222   GUI - Adventure Maptrivialnew2012-09-01Map scroll with keyboard keys behaves a bit differently then H3, leading to the impression that it's too fast sometimes
  000101712 GUI - Adventure Maptweaknew2012-08-18When "sleeping" or in a battle, some buttons should be greyed out
  00007874   AI - Battlesfeatureacknowledged2011-09-06AI hero doesn't use tactics
  0000735    Mechanics - Town structuresfeaturenew2011-05-29H3 issue: Mana Vortex didn't act according to its description in H3 > How should VCMI handle it?
  0000217 1 Mechanics - Othertweaknew2011-05-29Keybindings in Split Stack window don't work intuitively if we have already some creatures in the destination slot.
  000070512 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowtweaknew2011-03-07Info boxes in Hero screen pop up above the object we R-click on i/o the center of the window
  0000695 2 GUI - PreGametrivialassigned (Tow)2011-03-03Starting Hero info box: alignment issues
  00006483   GUI - PreGamefeatureassigned (Tow)2010-11-19I can't set WOG options
  00003544   Mechanics - Objectsfeatureassigned (Tow)2010-08-01Script Suggestion: Monoliths cost MP.
  0000061    GUI - Town screentweakassigned (Tow)2010-05-29scroll arrows should also be disabled/grayed out in the Marketplace window, when the from/to resources are not selected yet
  0000233 1 Othertweaknew2010-02-11System Message does not split the text at the end of the line by moving the full word which doesn't fit to the next line.
  00002491   GUI - Adventure Maptweaknew2009-12-27Info window on map objects, artifacts, terrains does not pop in the middle of the screen, but on top of them.
  00003151   GUI - PreGamefeatureassigned (Tow)2009-12-22No R-click info when Starting Hero in Advanced Options screen is "None"
  0000310    GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2009-12-21When a hero passes just next to another one, his animated graphics are behind the other hero, while it should overlap it
  00002112   GUI - Adventure Maptweaknew2009-11-21Info windows containing army info should shift creatures to the left to cover up empty army slots.
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