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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000212096 Launchermajorclosed (Warmonger)2016-11-11VCMI will not open :(
  00021012   GUI - PreGameminorclosed (SXX)2016-11-11Multiplayer chat does not work
  00018591   GUI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (beegee)2016-11-11Crash when rendering "unknown pattern" in undergroud
  00013831   Mechanics - Town structurestrivialclosed (Ivan)2016-11-11Griffin Bastion - wrong mark in city hall
  000121412 GUI - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2016-11-11Spell Slow's animation appears over the creature's torso, instead of under their feet.
  00005301   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureclosed (SXX)2016-11-11Dismiss Hero button should be disabled for the last hero on the map if we don't own any town
  00012323   Mechanics - Objectsfeatureclosed (AVS)2016-09-05Missing spells from HoMM3
  000206072 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Ivan)2015-10-15After loading game FuzzyHelper::estimateBankDanger not work properly
  00020862   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-10-15Spells: earthquake isn't blocked in battle's without town
  000205721 GUI - PreGameminorclosed (SXX)2015-10-15Scrolling of custom campaign list mess up it
  00020643   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureclosed (AVS)2015-10-15Alliances: town portal spell should let teleport to ally towns too
  000215111 Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Warmonger)2015-04-11AI not build boat!
  00020311   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorclosed (AVS)2015-04-11Muvpoints not spent at the town portal
  00018782   Mechanics - Town structuresminorclosed (Ivan)2015-04-11altar of thought does not require the Mages Guild to build
  000184611 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-04-11"Land Mine" effect on Gold Dragons
  000156026 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2015-04-11Firewall
  00020905   Mechanics - Town structurestweakclosed (SXX)2015-04-11All towns with default buildings get Tovern on start of game
  00021421   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (AVS)2015-03-31weekly resource buildings ( windmil, watermill, etc ) renew themselves every 8 days instead of 7


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