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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00017704   AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12very long AI opponent turns
  00017663   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorclosed (Haryaalcar)2022-04-12Disassembling artifacts in hero and hero meeting screen doesn't work.
  000176331 Mechanics - Battlesmajorclosed (AlexVinS)2022-04-12Game crashes when attempting to resurrect
  00017121   Mechanics - Town structuresminorclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12Tests for possibility of building a structure should be recursive
  000165392 GUI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (AVS)2022-04-12VCMI - Minimap
  000162611 Otherminorclosed (AlexVinS)2022-04-12MinGW: compilation failed on IGameCallback/CGameState.cpp
  000148511 Campaignscrashclosed (beegee)2022-04-12Crash after win on the first map of campaign "Long Live the King"
  00014221   Campaignsminorclosed (beegee)2022-04-12Campaigns use same scenario information window as normal maps
  00013791   Mechanics - Otherfeatureclosed (AlexVinS)2022-04-12Tome of Air Magic gives Titan Thunder
  000136235 GUI - Battlesblockclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12Any shooting action freezes battle screen
  00013103   Otherfeatureclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12Linux XDG support for savegames
  000128312 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Tow)2022-04-12Wait button is available in Tactics phase and leads to false freeze
  00012741   Modsmajorclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12Logging system reports an error of missing file on existing DEF file
  00012341   Mechanics - Otherminorclosed (AlexVinS)2022-04-12Level 8+ creatures are not functioning correctly
  000123121 Mechanics - Battlesfeatureclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Missing creature ability: Crystal Dragons give +3 crystals/week
  00011662   Mechanics - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Hero is not offered every X levels, a Magic School as Secondary Skill
  00011202   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowfeatureclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12Hotkey request: main/numpad 1-6 for selecting Commander's level-up skill
  00010144   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (beegee)2022-04-12Catapult can't shoot on castle gate
  000092114 GUI - PreGameminorclosed (Tow)2022-04-12Sorting game by scenario name in load game menu does not work
  00008942   AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Blue AI don't finish turn on "For Sale" map.
  000086811 GUI - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Wrong battlefield in naval combat
  00007832   Sound, music, videosminorclosed (beegee)2022-04-12sound missing when using catapult
  000073342 Mechanics - Othercrashclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12VCMI does not load test map if no enemy player on the map.
  000048154 Mechanics - Objectstweakclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Magic Spring - in OH3 there are two entrances and two heroes can double spell points
  00016014   Othertweakclosed (beegee)2022-04-12Use std::function and std::bind instead of boost::function and boost::bind
  00012772   GUI - Town screentweakclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12Up/Down arrows and mouse scroll functions in the Recruit Creature window should be reversed
  00018952   GUI - Town screenminorclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12Buying creatures in town with garrisoned hero does not join them into his party
  000171811 GUI - Adventure Maptweakclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Prisons are marked as neutral (heroes?) on minimap
  00018848   Otherminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12AI/FuzzyLite is licensed Apache 2.0 which is incompatible with GPL 2.0
  000192011 Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorclosed (linuxrocks123)2022-04-12Pathfinding Bonus Not Applied to Movement
  00018608   AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Bot long turn end procces
  00019251   Otherblockclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-12Accept Pull Request 0000047
  00013171   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (AVS)2022-04-12Animate Dead spell does not function as it should
  00011221   GUI - Battlestrivialclosed (Ivan)2022-04-12New creature window in battle does not close when we release r-click mouse button
  00012481   Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (beegee)2022-04-12std::bad_alloc when opening spellbook in combat
  000137521 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2022-04-11Crash at retreating or loosing battle with hero
  00013741   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-11Upgraded Zombies in Crypt
  00013731   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Ivan)2022-04-11Pit Lords raising power is incorrect:
  00013681   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Ivan)2022-04-11Necromancy calculation is wrong
  00013674   Mechanics - Othermajorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-11Creature specialists should give +1 to speed to creatures
  00013561   Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (Tow)2022-04-11Land mine: crash after all mines are placed
  00013541   Mechanics - Battlesmajorclosed (Tow)2022-04-11Remove obstacle: I can't target anything with it
  00013531   Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (Tow)2022-04-11Firewall: crash after initial animation
  00013501   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Ivan)2022-04-11During siege damage done by towers is too small
  00013482   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-11Upgraded stack in neutral army: his presence should be fixed.
  000134531 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-11Haste and Prayer increase speed 1 less tile than needed
  00013341   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-11Unicorns have blinded golems
  00011012   Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2022-04-11Teleport spell no longer works during battle
  00014831   Otherminorclosed (Ivan)2022-04-11vcmiclient: missing newline in the last console message
  00014821   Launcherblockclosed (Ivan)2022-04-11Launcher fails if Mods\ folder contains any subfolders without mods
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