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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00011271   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Ivan)2017-07-13Portal of Summoning doesn't work if built after flagging a dwelling (new since 0.89b)
  00011931   GUI - Battlesminorclosed (Tow dragon)2014-05-30No indication of remaining amount of shots during battle
  00011901   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30Refugee camp doesn't work properly
  00011884   Othermajorclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Cmake fails on libav/ffmpeg detection in Ubuntu: detection succeeds but build ends with error due to lack of some libav parts.
  00011873   GUI - Adventure Mapblockclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30Crash at new week at some maps
  0001180154 GUI - PreGamemajorclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Scenario options are always random if mod faction is used
  00011772   GUI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash when returning to main menu from adv map
  00011702   Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Tow)2014-05-30VCMI crashes in day 1 on map The Imp
  000116826 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Tow)2014-05-30Crash on GATHER_ARMY svn 3066
  00011651   GUI - Battlesminorclosed (Tow dragon)2014-05-30Ranged units do not turn when shooting
  0001158    Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash when AI tries to pick artifact 2
  0001157    Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash when AI tries to pick artifact
  00011498   Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash(es) on visiting Shipwreck survivor
  000111812 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowtrivialclosed (Gernsworth)2014-05-30Moving Artifact or War Machine from left to right hero makes it vanish from the view (object is still there though)
  000057012 Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (AlexVinS)2014-05-30WoG object treated as Pyramid in VCMI
  000116141 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash when attack a town with a hero inside
  000116011 Mechanics - Town structurescrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash when enter Magic Univerity of Conflux town
  000115941 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30segfault after end turn (attached related savedata)
  000115451 AI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Random crash when AI tries to recruit hero
  000114851 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash when casting dimension door from a town
  00011462   Otherblockclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30Compile fails after r2997
  000114451 GUI - Othercrashclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30Crash when casting expert town portal
  0001142131 GUI - Battlesminorclosed (beegee)2014-05-30Game crashes after starting battle if folder /usr/share/vcmi/Mods is not owned by root
  000113611 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Crash when message(or WOG script) on way
  00011352   Otherminorclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30libboost-iostreams-dev not in control file
  000113121 AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30When AI visits cartographer, it finds further exploration impossible
  000113012 Mechanics - Battlestweakclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30If the 1st hex of a wide creature is within full shooting range, no penalty should be applied to its 2nd hex
  000112811 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowtrivialclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Redundant curly brackets in the Experience window
  000112422 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-302-hex breath attack fail if the direction is right-to-left
  00011211   GUI - Town screentrivialclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30ESC key does not close Fort/Citadel/Castle screen
  00011191   GUI - Othertrivialclosed (Ivan)2014-05-30Build War Machine button in Blacksmith interface is not disabled if the visiting hero already has that machine
  00011031   AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30AI walks into target tiles guarded by monsters
  00008761   GUI - Battlestweakclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30Attacking one hex unit from behind with two hex unit animation glitch
  000057312 Mechanics - Battlesminorclosed (Warmonger)2014-05-30Funny hex range coverage for Cavaliers at Creature Banks
  00001662   GUI - Othertweakclosed (Gernsworth)2013-06-10Cursor in chat line appears in the center
  00011894   GUI - PreGamecrashclosed (Ivan)2013-01-26Crash on opening RMG options
  00011843   GUI - Battlesminorclosed (Ivan)2013-01-26Cursor disappears after viewing creature
  00011833   GUI - Battlescrashclosed (Warmonger)2013-01-22Crash in Battle related probably to creature arts
  00011732   GUI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (Ivan)2013-01-18Kingdom overview: Invisible tab is active
  00011742   Otherblockclosed (AlexVinS)2013-01-15Compile errors after r3094
  00011721   GUI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (Ivan)2013-01-13Failed assertion in Fonts.cpp
  000115531 Othercrashclosed (Warmonger)2012-12-05Weird crash


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