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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0003012 3 Mechanics - Battlescrashnew2018-10-14Crash in creature dwellings
  000277731 Campaignsblocknew2018-09-29On Android version loading any map(single map or campaign map after winning mission)second time blocks on loading screen forever
  00030069   AI - Adventure Mapfeatureconfirmed2018-09-26AI doesn't recruit creatures from the town
  0003010 1 Mechanics - Battlesmajornew2018-09-16Mines don't explode when stepped on them.
  00030081   AI - Adventure Mapblocknew2018-09-15block in the map Southern Cross
  0003007    Random Map Generatorminornew2018-09-13Module "STACK_ARTIFACTS" crashes game during generating random maps.
  0003003 1 GUI - PreGamecrashnew2018-09-04This map don't work. And before did.
  0002999 1 AI - Adventure Mapcrashnew2018-08-20AI assert failed on GatherArmy related logic after hero died
  000294521 Campaignsminornew2018-08-17Shadow of Death: A new beginning, the Clearing the Border->After the Amulet transition does not work, just reloads 1st scenario
  0002996    AI - Adventure Mapcrashnew2018-08-11AI crash. Did not sow it before
  00016351   Campaignsminornew2018-08-04Minor campaign features that are still missing
  0002992    Campaignsmajornew2018-08-04Hero names are persistent between games
  00029891   GUI - Battlesminornew2018-08-03Pressing ENTER on the Casualties Report window opens up the hero screen instead of closing the report
  0002988    GUI - Adventure Mapfeaturenew2018-08-03Remember "tab" for the Kingdom Overview screen
  000298524 Campaignscrashnew2018-08-02Crash on campaign start
  000298121 Othermajornew2018-07-30Cannot start Singleplayer/Campain map due to client cannot connect to vcmi local server
  0002980    AI - Adventure Mapmajornew2018-07-27AI can't collect army to defeat guard on the other side of Subterranean Gate
   000297912 GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2018-07-25[Feature request] IconsBig displaying during RMB click at creature stack.
  0002978    AI - Adventure Mapminornew2018-07-24AI loses hero attacking Lizard Warriors
  000297531 GUI - Battlesminornew2018-07-20Cyclops Kings don't use their 2-hex attack animation
  0002977 1 AI - Adventure Mapmajornew2018-07-20AI does not complete AI Quest Test map quickly
  0002976    Launcherminornew2018-07-20Launcher does not preserve window size
  0002974 1 Multiplayermajornew2018-07-19Hot seat custom map Crash
  0002970    Othercrashnew2018-07-16Client freeze when starting the New Scenario or any other
  0002968    GUI - PreGameminornew2018-07-15Cannot choose any map templates
  0002967    Launchermajornew2018-07-15The VCMI_client.exe file doesn't close properly
  0002966 1 Launchercrashnew2018-07-15Cannot create nor load any type of map
  0002963    GUI - PreGameminornew2018-05-05Inconsistent playable colors for random map
  00029543   GUI - PreGamecrashnew2018-05-01Crash when restarting scenario
  0002960    Otherminornew2018-04-18Remove auto generated client/resource.h from git
  0002958 1 Campaignscrashnew2018-04-17after R-click on scenario info
  0002957    Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashnew2018-04-16Pathfinding crash underground
  0002953    GUI - PreGamecrashnew2018-04-07Crash in pre-game lobby
  00029522   GUI - Otherminornew2018-04-06Closing interfaces and cancelling in dialogs by pressing ESC doesn't work
  0002951    GUI - Adventure Mapmajornew2018-04-05When triggering garrison dialog on owned mined freeze occur
  0002950    GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2018-04-05Exchange window: primary skill popup always show -1
  0002949    GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2018-04-05Disabled "Enabling Tactics formation" button disappear after moving artifact
  0002948    GUI - Adventure Mapmajornew2018-04-05World View don't get on top if some spell casted from hero screen
  0002947 1 GUI - Battlesminornew2018-04-05Obstacles of wront type in fight on Abandoned mine
  0002946    GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2018-04-05Grail - some parts of puzzle map might be immidiately shown on start of game
  000281954 GUI - Town screenminornew2018-04-02Bug while hiring hero with First Aid Tent
  000131413 Otherminornew2018-04-02Hanged occasionaly.
  0002943    Mechanics - Battlesminornew2018-03-31Land mines do not explode
  000294212 AI - Adventure Mapcrashnew2018-03-31Crash happened on AI turn
  0002912 1 GUI - PreGamecrashnew2018-03-31looks like deserealization - can't loading saves
  0002941    Sound, music, videosminornew2018-03-29There's no sounds after picking spell scroll.
  0002939 1 AI - Battlestrivialnew2018-03-29CREATURE_DAMAGE bonus doesn't decrease minimal damage as a spell
  0002938 1 AI - Adventure Mapminornew2018-03-27The assessment of the hazard in one of the AI is broke. Attacks a very weak army on a very strong army.
  000256214 AI - Battlesminorconfirmed2018-03-27AI attacking dwelling without taking guards into account and dying
  000241011 Campaignscrashnew2018-03-26Hover a cursor to crash
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