Hex 12 - INCORRECT placement & functionality: - hex"> Hex 12 - INCORRECT placement & functionality: - hex">

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0001065VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2012-09-01 23:122024-01-30 19:18
Assigned ToDydzio 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.89 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001065: H3-VCMI discrepancies regarding wall/turret sections which can be targeted (and related errors)
DescriptionSeeing a couple of reports of particular wallHex-related bugs (which I'll link here as "child"), I did a full comparative test H3-VCMI in regards to wall/turret parts that can be targeted. Looking at the hexes in the image attached, we have:

> Hex 12 - INCORRECT placement & functionality:
- hex 12 is the bottom of the upper turret, while in H3 the target area was above the 12-13 hexes: top of the turret, where the shooter is, marked in blue (wider than the size of a hex)
- we can target and destroy it even if Citadel isn't built, which is a useless move if no shooter (the hex cannot/shouldn't be used to pass through if destroyed)

> Hex 29, 62, 130, 182 - CORRECT

> Hex 45, 78, 112, 147 - INCORRECT target + bug:
- in VCMI it can be targeted, but in H3 not
- if we try to hit it, there is no shot or damage, unit turn is lost with system message saying "server encountered a problem: catapult tried to attack non-catapultable hex!" (probably similar for Cyclops' attack > didn't try yet)

> Hex 50 - PARTLY CORRECT placement, INCORRECT functionality + bug:
- the main turret does start somewhere at hex 50, but the in H3 it can be targeted on a way larger (rectangular) area, as marked in blue on the screenshot
- same as the turrets, we can target it even if Castle isn't build; Castle tower should only be a target when a defending shooter is in there
- if there is a shooter in there, we don't seem to be able to destroy it (Catapult projectile explodes somewhere at the bottom - wrong as well, and turret/shooter remain standing)

> Hex 95/96 - INCORRECT placement: VCMI sees 95 as the gate; it should be 96 instead (with broken gate animation, but that's another issue)

> Hex 183 - CORRECT placement, but INCORRECT functionality:
- lower turret should only become a target after Citadel is built
- we cannot destroy it (Catapult shoots but nothing happens)

Note on turrets: in general we shouldn't have a hex-related approach when defining the target area for them, as all 3 are of different sizes (and rectangular from what I noticed), depending on the available space around and their visible graphics (i.e.: for the upper & main turrets, as they're out of the hex grid where a creature may be, a more generous area was allocated in H3)
Steps To ReproduceTo summarize, the color codes in attachment represent:
- blue rectangles > turrets; should only be targeted as soon as Citadel, respectively Castle are built (condition missing in VCMI)
- green hexes > can be targeted and destroyed as soon as Fort is built (mostly fine in VCMI, except for 96, where the gate should be)
- red hexes > can be erroneously targeted in VCMI (95 is a misplacement of the gate, the others give a console soft error and catapult loses turn)
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Attached Filesjpg file icon Walls&Turrets-VCMI089.jpg [^] (77,962 bytes) 2012-09-02 00:15

- Relationships
parent of 0001014closedbeegee Catapult can't shoot on castle gate 
parent of 0000785closedTow using catapult on non-wall hex 
related to 0002246closedSXX Unpassable wall tile during siege 

-  Notes
beegee (developer)
2013-12-08 17:58

All problems mentioned above except turret handling have been fixed.
SXX (administrator)
2015-10-17 03:12

Just in case there is still issue that splash spells can be targeted at tiles outside of visible hex grid (like on 2nd (back) hex of Catapult).
SXX (administrator)
2016-02-09 13:46

Ok found one problem. In H3 second destructible wall is on hex 62 and not 78.
SXX (administrator)
2016-10-16 11:12

BTW we almost fixed this one, probably even fully fixed, but some very good testing is needed.
SXX (administrator)
2018-03-05 17:14

@dydzio if you can please confirm this is fixed.
Ivan (developer)
2023-04-12 17:06

Migrated to github, status will be tracked here:
https://github.com/vcmi/vcmi/issues/1219 [^]
Ivan (developer)
2024-01-30 19:18

Closing issues that were migrated to Github

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