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Summary 0002368: Missing feature - environment sounds
Revision 2016-01-08 15:03 by SXX
Additional Information Most of objects does have background sound so it's easier to list one that don't have it:
- Non-active objects (rocks, trees, etc).
- - Exceptions: Volcano's from lava terrain
- All monsters, heroes (include prison), towns.
- Pickables except Campfire
- Quest objects: Border Gate, Keymaster Tents, Seer's Hut, Spridion of Seer
- Hut of Magi, Eye of Magi
- All cartographers
- Some of rewardable objects don't have sounds:
- - Idol of fortune
- - Library of enlightenment
- - Tree of knowledge
- - Witch Hut
- - Oasis
- - Lean to
- - Corpse
- One of creature banks: Pyramid
- All water objects.
- - Exceptions: Whirlpool, sirens, buoy
- Other map objects:
- - Events, Signs, Warriors Tomb, Lighthouse, Magic well, Redwood, Freelancer's guild, Cover of darkness, Altar of Sacrifice

Notes about special terrain:
 - Only two have sound: Magin plains and Cursed ground
 - If multiple magical terrains is on top of each other only top terrain sound play. If top one don't have background sound then there is no sound.
 - If two terrains only partially cover each other and you stay on then you may hear both sounds.
Revision 2016-01-08 14:23 by SXX
Additional Information

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