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0000098VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2009-10-04 12:272012-09-28 07:12
ReporterTow dragon 
Assigned ToIvan 
PrioritynormalSeveritytweakReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.73 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.88 
Summary0000098: No info in status window if you collect guarded resources.
Description0.73#64 - No info in status window if you collect guarded resources.

EDIT: We also hear the sound of collecting the resource in the moment the battle is won, before we close the window with battle casualties. Instead the game should wait that we close that window, and only then play the sound and give into about the collected resource in the status window.
Additional InformationOriginally reported here: [^]
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Zamolxis (viewer)
2009-10-18 23:12

I'm not sure if Boulie (who reported this) or sb else can clarify this bug:
- does "status window" refer to the InfoBox in the lower right corner of the Adventure Map?
- are "guarded resources" just resource piles next to a monster? If yes, do we have a different message for those (though I'm pretty sure I'm missing sth here)?
Ivan (developer)
2009-10-19 10:42

- Yes. Status window refer to InfoBox
- No. This is resource piles with guards "inside" (like events with guardians)
beholder (reporter)
2009-10-19 16:24

Was there any info at all??
Zamolxis (viewer)
2009-10-19 19:43
edited on: 2011-09-20 13:55

@Ivan: Thanks for the clarification. Description updated and report marked as acknowledged.



@beholder: As far as "info" about the surprise attack from the resource guardian(s) indeed, there wasn't any, UNLESS customized from MapEd. It was only Pandora's Box that was giving a message by default ("You should have known better - you are attacked!), following the dialogue giving you the choice to open it or not. But nothing similar for resources (at least not in my version of H3C).

However while testing this, I found a new issue (see report 0000183).

I do find it interesting though, that H3 implemented this as such, that if you don't customize the message, you are attacked by surprise, while if there is a message, then you get the chance to avoid the battle. Maybe it was intended as a feature, giving Map Editors the choice to give the player the chance to avoid the battle, or force him into it (when no custom message). But personally I still see it as a bug and would prefer if we could put in place a default message for when the map maker didn't prepare one from the editor.

cipone23 (reporter)
2012-01-10 21:40

Tow Dragon answered me in a PM on the forum, telling me I can take care of this for starters. Reproduced the bug on "VCMI tests 2011 b" , Aislinn getting the guarded upper left gold resource.

It turned out that ShowComp in CPlayerInterface needed a waitWhileDialog() ( I thought of adding "Closes" to the method name but I passed this time :-) ). Here's the patch.
Ivan (developer)
2012-02-18 15:28

Patch applied in rev 2533
Zamolxis (viewer)
2012-09-28 06:24

Checked in 0.89 and confirmed as fixed

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