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0000691VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2011-03-02 22:492014-05-30 17:40
Assigned ToTow 
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Product Version0.84 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.85 
Summary0000691: Spells from picked up scrolls do not become available for the hero
DescriptionIt seems 0000029 only handled object pick-up, but the item itself is not yet really implemented.

When picking up a scroll, if it lands in a Misc slot (or we move it afterwards from backpack in a Misc), the spell should be added to hero's Spell Book, if he/she didn't have it already.

If the hero has no spell book, but has a scroll, the spell should still be available:
- in battle, if we press C or click on the hero, for battle spells
- on the map, if we press C, for adventure spells
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related to 0000029closedWarmonger Nothing happens on picking up a spell scroll (0.71#31) 

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Tow (developer)
2011-03-12 22:13

It was working when I marked artifact as supported... and got broken later. :(
Fixed in r2027.

There's still a discrepancy between VCMI and OH3 behavior: VCMI doesn't allow casting adventure map spells if hero has no spellbook.
OH3 behaviour seems illogical to me here (was it intentional? or just a side-effect of not blocking advmap spell button when hero has no spellbook?), recreating it would introduce a nasty exception to the game logic.
I'll leave it as-is for now (but later, we may restore original behaviour, I don't know if there were eg. maps relying on it).
Zamolxis (viewer)
2011-03-13 00:24

I would call the OH3 behaviour (in regards to Adventure Map casting when no Spell Book) as inconsistent, not illogical.

What was illogical, was the whole concept of not being able to cast without a spell book. I mean, if you think about it, what's the logic behind not allowing a hero to cast from a paper scroll... but as soon as he "gets some hard covers around that paper", turning it into a book (sometimes of less than 1 page), he can suddenly cast.

I believe this is one point where H4 corrected the H3 logic (and confused myself as well about how things worked in H3): the hero needed the skill in order to cast, not a 500 gold book, and casting from a scroll was possible also without the book (though I haven't played H4 in a long time, so I'm not 100% sure that was the exact logic).

Another aspect which proves the 0H3 illogical, is the spell specialists. If you removed the book in Map Editor, the hero had the spell (if you clicked on it in battle), but could not really use it, while it was supposed to be its specialty. It was like that cheap 500 Spell Book had some magic aura, suddenly revealing to the hero also how the spells already owned (specialty/scrolls) do actually work.

But as much as I'd like a more logic behaviour in VCMI, I guess that's too much of a change. About making the restriction consistent for Adventure Map as well, as you say, I guess we could leave it as it is now and we'll see in time if that bothers anyone.

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