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0000032VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2009-10-02 11:552010-11-15 00:59
ReporterTow dragon 
Assigned ToTow dragon 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.83 
Summary0000032: Battle result window improvements (0.7b#34: a - d)
DescriptionThere's some differenses at the result screen at the end of a battle: [^]

a) Background: The Background should be grayed out and all the creatures should still be there. ATM in VCMI all creatures dissappears when the end screen comes up. [FIXED]

b) Experience information isn't there.

c) Text is different. Tho i do think i like the VCMI text size better, both at hero names and casualty information. Hero/Creature names at top should still be left/right aligned tho imo. [FIXED]

d) There should also be a shadow on the lower and right side of the window. Can be seen at least on the lower side in the picture. rest is clipped away. [^]
Additional Informationcopied from sf tracker
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- Relationships
related to 0000590resolvedTow dragon The dead/left creatures on the battlefield disappear from background when the Battle Casualties window opens for some locations 

-  Notes
Zamolxis (viewer)
2009-10-08 22:43
edited on: 2009-10-08 23:20

0000032 a) has been implemented (battlefield creatures remain in the grayed out background)

The other items reported are still valid. And perhaps a programmer can confirm if they all represent "GUI - Battles" issues, otherwise I'll split them in different reports.

Ivan (developer)
2010-08-29 23:14

Part b fixed in rev 1790
I'll move it to resolved since part d present in all windows and has separate issue somewhere here
Zamolxis (viewer)
2010-11-15 00:37
edited on: 2010-11-15 00:58

Closed as:

Item a) is fixed in general, except a couple of particular situations, reported as 0000590.

Item b) is implemented.

Item c) is implemented.

Item d) is of a different nature, reported as feature request separately as 0000379.

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