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0002981VCMIOtherpublic2018-07-30 15:322018-07-30 16:05
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PlatformAppleOSMacOSOS Version10.13.6
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002981: Cannot start Singleplayer/Campain map due to client cannot connect to vcmi local server
DescriptionAs title says game stuck at connection popup dialog, click on "OK" button does nothing. GUI works fine after click on "BACK" button.
Steps To ReproduceOn MacOS 10.13.6 download VCMI-branch-develop-1a6f456.dmg or any newer build and try to start singleplayer map or campaign.
Additional InformationLatest build WITHOUT this issue - VCMI-branch-develop-1fb25c4.dmg 03-Apr-2018 18:49
Moreover with build VCMI-branch-develop-ac293fb.dmg with every failed start of new map server process continue to work after closing vcmi client window. I was really surprised when look at my htop and saw 10 vcmi server processes on 3030 port. server log for clear start says: We got a new connection! :)
I guess it was just my imagination!

zombie server issue is not present with 1a6f456.dmg
debug logs for VCMI-branch-develop-1a6f456.dmg attached.
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Attached Fileszip file icon [^] (33,512 bytes) 2018-07-30 15:32

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misiokles (reporter)
2018-07-30 15:43

Before clicking BACK, wait few more seconds - connection window should dissapear.
aleshjke (reporter)
2018-07-30 16:05

>>wait few more seconds
I wait for 10 minutes and nothing changes.

client log full of text blocks like this for every second.

2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.539941 INFO network [0x70000a0f7000] - Establishing connection...
2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.540204 INFO network [0x70000a0f7000] - Found endpoints:
2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.540321 INFO network [0x70000a0f7000] - 0:
2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.540431 INFO network [0x70000a0f7000] - Trying connection to
2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.540674 ERROR network [0x70000a0f7000] - Problem with connecting: Connection refused
2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.540758 ERROR network [0x70000a0f7000] - Something went wrong... checking for error info
2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.540805 ERROR network [0x70000a0f7000] - Connection refused
2018-Jul-30 19:01:59.540924 ERROR network [0x70000a0f7000] -
Cannot establish connection! Retrying within 1 second

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