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0002673VCMILauncherpublic2017-05-04 10:312020-04-27 10:09
Assigned ToSXX 
PriorityurgentSeveritycrashReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version17.04
Product Version0.99 
Target VersionFixed in 
Summary0002673: Uninstall mod wipes and removes all files from home directory
DescriptionShort version:
I didn't run the game yet and started the vcmilauncher via terminal in my home directory. I installed some mods via the launcher, but then decided to uninstall one again. The uninstall failed and wiped my complete home directory.

Long version:
Thanks dudes, you are the best. Fortunately I have a one month old backup with all important files. But seriously...
I installed daily-builds vcmi via the ppa for linux. Run the vcmilauncher in my home directory and uninstalled a mod that I just had installed. The next moment my desktop environment goes crazy and then the launcher throws an exception and crashes. Some shock-seconds later I check my home directory and find nothing. Thanks for the data wipe.

- Do some sanity checks when deleting files.
- Or prompt with list of files for deletion.
- Or restrict on a specific folder.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install vcmi via daily build ppa for linux.
2. Start vcmilauncher in home directory
3. Install mod
4. Uninstall mod
5. Hope you have a backup
Additional InformationI am not willed to try the reproducibility.
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-  Notes
SXX (administrator)
2017-05-08 16:07

I'll investigate it ASAP. Though this is really weird since there was no changes in launcher in last few years and obviously nobody reported anything like that before.
SXX (administrator)
2017-05-25 00:09

First I'm very very sorry I just forgot about this one and didn't fixed it straight away and in this case nothing I could post going to justify that... Sorry...

Postmortem: if mod installed and immediately removed without launcher restart then empty path is passed to QDir which usually mean user working directory on Linux. QDir::removeRecursively applied on it. I not sure when exactly that problem appear, but might be during some resource system refactoring since I can't believe it's here from the beginning.

I still can't understand at all how in year I didn't manage to wreck my own home directory. Probably I was just super lucky...
SXX (administrator)
2017-05-25 00:19

Fix: [^]
mickare (reporter)
2017-05-25 00:49

No problem. That's one of those mystic errors that appear out of nothing with a big bang.
SXX (administrator)
2017-05-25 00:54

This is certainly not appear out of nothing.

It's just insane to remove something recursively without prior check...

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