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0000025VCMIMechanics - Town structurespublic2009-10-02 11:452010-08-28 15:05
ReporterTow dragon 
Assigned ToTow 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.71 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.82 
Summary0000025: Tavern hero with only 1 L.1 creature at week start (0.71#70)
DescriptionReported by Zamolxis : [^]

Tavern may give hero with only 1 Lvl1 creature at the start of a new week,
as if we already hired a hero that week. I had it happening only twice:

1st in 0.71(see forum link above): On Day 1 of Week 2 of Month 2, one of
the 2 heroes which were offered at the Fortress Tavern in the beginning of
the week was Jenova, Level 1 Ranger, with only 1 Centaur in the army. This
should not happen unless we already purchased a hero or if she would be a
retreating hero, which was not the case.

2nd in 0.71b: After purchasing both Tavern (Fortress) heroes in week 1, the
2nd (non-Fortress) hero in my Tavern at the beginning of week 2 had only 1
Lvl1 creature in the army.

I didn't manage to reproduce it. First I though the pattern would be that
if we have 2 same alignment heroes at Tavern and we hire them both, then
the bug occurs next week. But I managed to reproduce the scenario and had
no issues at the beginning of the next week. So it must be something else.
I'll let you know if it occurs again (and if it does, I promise this time I
won't forget to save the Client log before starting another game:P)
Additional Informationcopied from sf tracker
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- Relationships
related to 0000239closedWarmonger All heroes available for hire in the town Tavern have full starting armies. 
related to 0000232closedTow All Tavern heroes come with full armies (also after the first two heroes were hired) 

-  Notes
Warmonger (administrator)
2009-11-15 12:08

I figured out that army is reduced after hiring hero, but have no idea what is the purpose of this feature? Armies should be swept only for fled heroes.
Tow (developer)
2009-11-20 22:46

Not really, when you buy a hero in tavern, the next available hero will have reduced army.
The issue is that we don't restore army for that heroes (and heroes who escaped as well) later, so if they're picked again for some tavern, they still won't have army.
Tow (developer)
2010-07-08 05:53

Fixed in r1637
Zamolxis (viewer)
2010-08-28 15:05

No re-occurrence reported so far. Closing.

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