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0000136VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2009-10-11 14:402011-03-03 17:20
Assigned ToTow dragon 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.73c 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.84 
Summary0000136: Stacks killed by a retaliation attack, fall down before the retaliation animation.
Description0.73c#14 - Stacks killed in retaliation, fall down before the retaliation animation. Can be reproduced in Septienna's battle with the Wraiths from the map attached to the forum report (see link below)
Additional InformationForum report: [^]
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child of 0000051closedTow dragon Target creature loses stack size box from the moment the enemy shoots at it, or even starts to walk/fly towards it 

-  Notes
Tow dragon (viewer)
2009-10-17 14:40

creature killed in retaliation should just wait for the end of attack animation or what (hit + death?) ? additionally, it seems to be rather minor issue, not major...
Zamolxis (viewer)
2009-10-17 15:56
edited on: 2009-10-17 16:30

I guess they should die during the retaliation-attack animation, but in the moment of the hit (so in the last part of the animation). What I had was creatures falling dead, an only then the animation of the hit that killed them was showing.

Strangely, I cannot reproduce it anymore, so I'm gonna start by changing the severity to "minor" and reproducibility to "random" (because the day I reported this, it was "always" reproducible, so this puzzles me a bit). And I'm gonna keep an eye on this for a while.

EDIT: It's also possible this got fixed for 0.74 and I just didn't notice earlier. As said, I'll continue to monitor this, and eventually close the report if necessary.

Tow dragon (viewer)
2011-02-21 13:44

I think it can be marked as resolved, I've made some changes in animation rendering that should make it impossible to reproduce. Furthermore, I checked if it's reproducible - and everything seems to be correct.
Zamolxis (viewer)
2011-03-03 17:20

Verified as fixed in 0.84

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Date Modified Username Field Change
2009-10-11 14:40 Zamolxis New Issue
2009-10-17 14:40 Tow dragon Note Added: 0000118
2009-10-17 15:46 Zamolxis Severity major => minor
2009-10-17 15:56 Zamolxis Note Added: 0000122
2009-10-17 16:00 Zamolxis Note Edited: 0000122 View Revisions
2009-10-17 16:01 Zamolxis Reproducibility always => sometimes
2009-10-17 16:05 Zamolxis Reproducibility sometimes => random
2009-10-17 16:07 Zamolxis Note Edited: 0000122 View Revisions
2009-10-17 16:30 Zamolxis Note Edited: 0000122 View Revisions
2010-05-29 23:20 Zamolxis Product Version 0.74 => 0.73c
2010-11-15 01:10 Zamolxis Relationship added child of 0000051
2011-02-21 13:44 Tow dragon Note Added: 0001530
2011-02-21 13:44 Tow dragon Status assigned => resolved
2011-02-21 13:44 Tow dragon Fixed in Version => 0.89
2011-02-21 13:44 Tow dragon Resolution open => fixed
2011-03-03 17:20 Zamolxis Note Added: 0001610
2011-03-03 17:20 Zamolxis Status resolved => closed

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