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0001164VCMICampaignspublic2012-12-17 18:162014-01-01 15:37
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Target Version0.94bFixed in Version0.94b 
Summary0001164: Some campaign-specific victory conditions are not implemented
DescriptionCheck VCDESC.TXT from H3bitmap.lod - apart from known ones it has two more lines:

Defeat all monsters
Survive beyond a time limit

This two are defined in h3m so implementation for them is straightforward.

Apart from this H3 has some hardcoded victory conditions specific for some maps:

Festival of Life, 1st scenario: lose hero OR time expires
Armaggedon's Blade, (not sure which scenario): find *3* artifacts
There may be more but this is ones I found.
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Warmonger (administrator)
2012-12-17 19:08

Survive beyond time limit is a condition of last map of Sander's Folly campaign iirc.
Ivan (developer)
2012-12-18 08:05

And "defeat all monsters" was used in Festival of Life

In case if this was no clear - these two conditions are part of h3m format so this will give crashes\glitches during campaigns or even scenarios if map maker is smart enough.

Later ones like "Find 3 arts" are hardcoded in heroes3.exe so these scenarios will work but won't be identical to H3.
Tow dragon (viewer)
2013-02-06 21:25

I've made a quick investigation and it looks like defeat all monsters is hardcoded -- Festival of Life's mission that looks like the one you are talking about has beat monster win condition (with nice looking coordinates).

I cannot find Sander's Folly campaign -- only a map with boring find artifact condition.
Ivan (developer)
2013-02-06 22:10
edited on: 2013-02-06 22:12

You're looking for map 4 - "Hurry Up and Wait" in "Foolhardy Waywardness" campaign (fool.h3c)

These two are hardcoded in H3M, everything else is hardcoded in .exe (don't know what we should do here)

Tow dragon (viewer)
2013-02-07 10:28

My h3m (hurry up and wait) has standard win conditions. It loads with no problems (except hero placeholder is not substituted with a real hero). Could you e-mail me maps with these two not supported victory conditions?
Ivan (developer)
2013-02-07 18:16

Now that's strange. H3M indeed uses default condition but if in H3 you'll start "Festival of Life" campaign, advance to next mission and save game you will see "Defeat all monsters" as victory condition instead.
Ivan (developer)
2013-12-27 12:25

Working on it, not yet sure when I'll find time to finish it though.
Ivan (developer)
2014-01-01 15:37

I'll move this to resolved - should be implemented fully in rev 3695.

For any scenario-specific issues report them here in separate issue or on forum. Fixing all of them should be trivial now.

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