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Summary 0000476: Fly does not ignore all obstacles when there's a reasonably alternative available on land (+ other issues with the Fly spell)
Revision 2010-06-01 09:44 by Zamolxis
Description - Fly does not take the shortest, straight path, regardless of whatever terrain and objects are on the way (see first screenshots)
- Fly does not take care we land on a terrain patch which allows movement, if the destination we give is a hero/moster/gate/etc we are trying to attack (see 5th screenshot, hero ends up in water)
- Most tiles of a town seem available for a hero after we have casted Fly (see 6th screenshot). Instead, we should still get the town-image cursor for all tiles, except town gate (if not occupied).
Revision 2010-06-01 08:11 by Zamolxis
Description See screenshots.

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