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0003250VCMICampaignspublic2023-05-06 16:442023-06-27 12:30
Assigned ToIvan 
PlatformOSAndroidOS Version11
Product Version1.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003250: Game crashes in Shadow of death, unholy alliance campaign, scenario Wrath of Sandro
DescriptionIn the scenario "Wrath of Sandro" in the Shadow of death, unholy alliance campaign.
When trying to build citadel in the starting town (Coldreign), the games crashes.
When trying to open the surface inferno townscreen once conquered (Gehenna), the game also crashes. This didn't ever happen before in random maps, and the bug stays from one turn to the other, and restarting the game changes nothing.
Steps To Reproduce1.1 : open vcmi and load game
 .2 : select Coldreign town
 .3 : open Coldreign townscreen
 .4 : go in the town hall and select citadel building
 .5 : buy the building (game crashes instead of building citadel)
2.1 : open vcmi and load game
 .2 : select Gehenna town
 .3 : open Gehenna townscreen (game crashes instead of displaying town screen)
2.1 : open vcmi and load game
 .2 : select any hero and bring him to Gehenna town
 .3 : when in town, the townscreen should be displayed with the hero in it. Instead, game crashes.
Additional InformationMods : vcmi essential files, vcmi extras, horn of the abyss (with submod balance mod disabled)
Deactivating HotA mod doesn't solve the issue.

Another issue showed at the beginning of the recording and that occurs with any game, campaign or not, is that the calendar doesn't show correctly at the bottom left corner. It is miscentered in a way that the day isn't visible.
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