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0002868VCMIMechanics - Otherpublic2018-01-30 05:242018-01-30 12:51
Assigned ToWarmonger 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version0.99 
Target VersionFixed in 
Summary0002868: Magic schools' skills don't decrease custom spells' cost
DescriptionMagic schools' secondary skills (Fire/Water/Air/Earth) don't automatically decrease mana cost for custom spells of their respective elements.
Steps To Reproduce1) Download attached mod with a new custom spell - Mass Shield, costing 10 mana.
2) Start a single player scenario and choose a hero starting with Earth Magic Skill (e.g. Grindan from Conflux)
3) In tavern, buy another hero, without that Skill
4) Enter the cheatcode for both heroes - vcmiistari
5) Casting Mass Shield will cost both heroes the same amount, despite Earth Magic decreasing the cost of corresponding magic school spells, by their level. That means Grindan's "Mass Shield" should cost him 9 magic points instead of regular 10 (I set it as level 1).
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Attached Filesrar file icon Spell cost test.rar [^] (36,490 bytes) 2018-01-30 05:24

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Warmonger (administrator)
2018-01-30 11:56

They are not supposed to. You need to specify custom spell cost in spell config for each particular level.
SXX (administrator)
2018-01-30 12:51

My bad then. I personally think it's supposed to work like that so asked to report this.

Isn't that would be nice if we had automatically spell cost calculation as well as option to manually setup them?

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2018-01-30 05:24 Andruids New Issue
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