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0001929VCMIMechanics - Adventure Mappublic2014-11-06 10:302015-12-05 07:52
PCLinux Kubuntu14.04
0001929: Game start: if hero selected pre-game and map have multiple start towns you'll get multiple clones of same hero
Normally in HoMM3 you get one chosen hero and random one.
  - Go to new game and choose map with multiple start towns, e.g "Reclamation".
  - Now click on "Show Advanced Options" and choose town/hero for you.
  - Begin the game.
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related to 0001930closed SXX When two heroes of same identify in game level up don't work properly 
related to 0002277resolved SXX Random heroes always have subID of zero and don't inherit predefined options 
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2014-11-06 10:42   
Not really sure how exactly VCMI handle heroes, but if engine expect them to be unique it's might be related to some other breakage I had in game. When one of my clone heroes level up (save can be found in 0001928) I was given choice between two skills:

 - "Bas Sorcery" (exactly like that) with icon from "Resistance".
 - Some normal skill with proper description that work properly.

My hero already have Basic Sorcery so if I choose first one it's will be just upgrade me to advanced Sorcery, but right click on icon won't show description and make game crash.

Should I even report this one as dedicated ticket or this just result of incorrect behavior of two cloned heroes in game?
2014-11-06 10:53   
Dedicated ticket (with relation to this one) is better.
2014-11-06 10:54   
Issue is not affects hero with index 0 (Orrin).
2014-11-06 12:07   
Just added other ticket about glitches I had: 0001930
Please set relation to this one because I can't do that. :-(
2015-11-25 16:20   
It's funny, but this one likely related to 0002277. I'm checked the code and CGameState::pickNextHeroType in fact has isUsedHero check, but of course it's not working.
2015-12-05 07:52   
Ivan has fixed that one: [^]

Though I'm not entirely sure that everything work correctly so I'll do more testing in 0002277