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Steven Aus 
0000354: Script Suggestion: Monoliths cost MP.
Monoliths were not designed to be re-visitable by space bar, when it was brought in in AB, and space bar monolith visiting became a bit of an exploit. Risk/reward needs to be balanced, and I think, apart from moving onto a monolith initially, subsequent teleports should require movement points. Think of a "toll" that has has to be paid, or rather, energy lost from having the hero and his entire army transported from one part of the map to a completely different part. =) Risk/reward in a game needs to be roughly balanced at all times otherwise certain actions become too good for what they cost.
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2010-02-12 12:05   
umm so how much mana it would cost?
if hero is barbarian could it have not been able to pass?
eg. if needed 11+ mana then first level barbarian couldn't use monoliths at all

also there's big difference between might and magic heroes!
mage with knowledge 12+ and master intelligence wouldn't get hurt too much by one visit, when level 24 barbarian could get significant hit looking at mp in percents

i think it's a bit controversial, but may be great as OPTIONAL feature
Steven Aus   
2010-02-12 13:28   
Sorry, the title of my feature request was a bit ambiguous. I meant Movement Points rather than Mana Points. So the way I normally use the abbreviations:

MP to mean Movement Points;
SP to mean Spell Points.

Quote from my above message:
"subsequent teleports should require movement points" and all that. ;P
2010-02-12 14:13   
normally three shortcuts are universal between games HP (health points) MP (mana points) XP (experience points); so naming move points as MP is somebit weird

so after getting what you mean I think the feature isn't so good...
i think most players prefer the old behaviour (all objects are revisited with no cost by pressing space) or they may want other way to pay

and looking about: wog has a script 'monolith toll' which makes you pay a little gold per travel through momoliths which i think is really better than that you proposed

Hovewer I personally prefer 'free' monoliths, so as long as it's optional feature I don't mind it so much
2010-02-12 18:50   
@majaczek: Because Heroes uses Spell Points, I also shortened it always as SP, and MP was Movement Points for me. So it's possible many Heroes players might use the same codewords, if they didn't happen to play a lot of other games using mana. As Heroes uses Spell Points, we can't just shorten it to MP. But if some users might confuse things due to other games, it's maybe best in the future to explain at least once in our report what we refer to. ;)

@StevenAus: As I said in report 0000350, this could be a good tweak for balancing the game, but only as an option. We cannot implement a cost by default, if it wasn't in the original game. There may be AB/SoD maps which are counting on the free use of monoliths.