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0003088VCMIOtherpublic2019-10-14 17:552019-10-14 17:55
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0003088: github repo missing part of VCMI Essentials mod
The `vcmi/Mods/vcmi` folder on github is missing the `Maps` and `Mods` directories that are present in the `VCMI essential files mods (1.01) ` package available at [^] .
The version in github is 0.99 and the one in mod list is 1.01.

This results in at least the increased resolution mod to be non functional (it silently falls back to 800x600):
  Selected resolution 1024x600 was not found!
  Falling back to 800x600

Also the "VCMI essential files" is not expandable in the VCMI launcher (guess since its broken).

Downloading the package resolves this, and the "submods" show up in the launcher, thus I suggest the newer package to simply be merged into the repo.
Install the `develop` branch using `make install`.
Tested using the Arch linux aur `vcmi-git` package.
This is likely the same issue as the ones reported in 0002260 & 0002003 and if fixed those should be possible to close as well.
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