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0002040VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2015-01-11 17:062016-09-25 09:16
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0002040: After build fort image in map not change
After build fort image in map not change
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duplicate of 0001944resolved SXX After building a Fort castle on adventure map doesn't change it's sprite 
related to 0002514resolved SXX now fort on map looks as town 
png Fort.PNG (943,000) 2015-01-11 17:07

png fort update.PNG (982,238) 2016-04-01 10:23
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2015-01-23 21:21   
I have researched this problem a bit and found out the reason and a possible solution.
There seems to be a mismatch in object template names: factions define .defs for "village", "fort" and "capitol" (in /config/factions/[name].json/[name]/town/mapObject/templates), but the templates that resolve when to use these .defs (in /config/objects/moddables.json/town/base/filters) define "village", "castle" and "capitol". In the game, the templates don't match and appearance isn't updated.

Setting either "fort" to "castle" or the other way around in these configs seems to fix this issue. However I haven't checked for any side effects.
2015-03-13 01:48   
This is clearly dupe of 0001944, but I don't wanna close it as there is really interesting answer from @Fay.

Also when you built fort from inside the town screen then icons change properly, but on sprite don't change. Though if town upgraded via "vcmiarmenelos" then sprite change on map, but icons don't change.
2016-01-23 06:34   
I was not able to reproduce this with latest git. Sprite updates. Does it work for anybody else?
2016-04-01 10:23   
0,98g в меню городов обновляется, на карте нет
0,98g cities in the menu is updated on the map no
2016-04-01 11:20   
They say it is because I have Hota mod
2016-08-24 03:54   
This one is resolved by same fix as 0001911: [^]