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0001635VCMICampaignspublic2013-12-27 12:332023-06-30 12:28
0001635: Minor campaign features that are still missing
- Yog:
Can't use spellbook. Probably should be turned into hero property available to our modding system.

Modding interface:
Probably should be implemented as special state of spellbook entry:
"spellbook" : "banned"
(if string and string == banned -> disable spellbook, else - parse list of spells)

Probably separate flag similar to current haveSpellbook.

- Gem:
Has her class renamed to "Sorceress".
Probably we should give her a custom class which is essentially a copy of Druid class but with different name.

Localization can be handled with mods as well so no need to do anything about it on our side.

- Anything else I missed?
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parent of 0002652resolved a.yupinov Missing feature: Yog CAN learn spells in Birth of a Barbarian campaign. 
related to 0001674closed beegee Xeron should be re-created for the last scenario of the AB campaign Armageddon's Blade 
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2013-12-28 19:06   
I've looked into both of these features and they are more complex than they look like.
Both Gem and Yog are not separate campaign-only heroes like Gelu or Mutare. Instead they're normal heroes available in scenarios.

So changing these heroes one way or another will also affect main game, not only campaigns. Unless somebody finds a better idea on how to fix this problem I think we should delay it.

I have an idea on how to fix this but it can be implemented only after 0001164
2023-06-27 11:30   
Tracked on Git: [^]
2023-06-30 12:28   
Fixed in 1.3