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0000135VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2009-10-11 14:292013-06-10 16:53
0000135: Wight's regeneration animation graphics are different in VCMI (greenish) as compared to H3 (blue-grayish, more transparent)
0.73c#13 - Wight's regeneration animation graphics are different in VCMI (greenish) as compared to H3 (blue-grayish, more transparent):

H3: [^]

VCMI: [^]

Personally I don't mind the difference (acid green may idd suit Necro), that's why I gave it "low" priority, but some may prefer to keep it as in the original game.
Forum report: [^]
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2009-10-11 14:52   
Elixir of Life also has a green animation where a blue one should be. The green regeneration is for when Vampire Lords are attacking I think. It should be a simple matter of changing which animation to be loaded.
2011-01-01 20:32   
Fixed in rev 1907
2011-03-03 16:25   
The animation seems to have the right color now, but I'm not yet sure we have the right one. In H3 it was half-transparent.

If we don't yet have the right animation, leave this as reopened.

If the animation is right, but there are other changes to the game code in order to enable transparency, then please mark this as Resolved again, and we can open another report for the transparency of the animation.
2011-03-04 14:22   
Don't see any other semi-transparent animations so this part is fixed.
AFAIR there are some other animations (like life drain or resurrection) that are semi-transparent in game but have only opaque versions in data files.
2013-06-10 16:53   
I'm waiting for 0000698 & 0001318 to be fixed to validate this one on slow, separate animation speed, but for now it does seem to be fixed (or way closer to the original at the very least). Still, I'll close this later on when I can validate it properly.