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0001306VCMIGUI - Town screenpublic2013-06-08 07:002022-04-11 17:35
0001306: Cheat code 'vcmiarmenelos' (= build all) also adds the boat next to Shipyard in Town screen
Valid for towns with Shipyard: Castle, Necropolis, Fortress and Conflux.

The ship only appears in town screen, not on the map.

We can open the Shipyard window to buy it again, in which case then it appears on the map, with no further change in town screen. Not sure if that will still happen if 0000110 is fixed first (to be seen).
You can use the map from 0001316 where you already own Castle & Fortress. Take Sir Mullich and use Dimension Door if you want to conquer & test Necropolis & Conflux as well.
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related to 0000110closed SXX After a ship is built in town, we should not be able to re-open the Shipyard screen until the ship leaves the "harbor". 
child of 0001280assigned  Bugs, performance issues and suggestions regarding cheat code 'vcmiarmenelos' (= build all) 
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Fixed, rev 3442