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0001295: Alignment issues in the Status Window
The best way to see the differences, if not clear below, is to save them on your drive and open in an image viewer which maximizes them and allows you to scroll through them.

These are (probably) all alignment issues we have in the Status Window / InfoBox:

A. HERO INFO (Default)

1. Complete card is 1 pixel too low and 1 pixel too much to the left. This makes particularly the corner pattern design look not so nice / asymmetrical. So it needs to move 1 pixel higher and to the right.

2. Hero Picture & Name, Primary Skill icons, Morale/Luck icon, Creature icons on first row only (!) and Available Spell icon are in sync with current background, but will also have to move 1 pixel higher and to the right when background is fixed.

3. Attack skill number is 2 pixels too much to the left.

4. Defense, Power & Knowledge skill numbers are 1 pixel too much to the left.

5. Creatures icons on the second row are 1 extra pixel too low, so when background moves, they should move 1 pixel to the right like everything else, but 2 pixels higher.

6. First row of stack size numbers are 3 pixels too low from their OH3 place, and among them, the 1-/3-digit values are 1 pixel to the right, while those of 2-/4-digit length are same as OH3. I guess it depends on what alignment logic you chose of odd/even number lengths.

7. Second row of stack size numbers are 1 pixel too much to the right and 4 pixels too low (I guess the extra pixel lower is consequence with their alignment with the icons on 2nd row, which are also lower). As a result, the bottom pixels become visible in all other Status Window instances as white pixels on the black bottom line, as seen in the following screenshots.

B. TOWN INFO (similar with Hero Info):

1. Background card must move back 1 pixel higher and to the right

2. Town icon & name, Hall & Fort size icons, gold icon, creature icons on first row (!) and hero garrisoned icons should follow the background 1 pixel higher & to the right.

3. Gold amount number must move 2 pixels to the right for 4-digit values (Town Hall to Capitol+Grail, as in screenshots below), and 1 pixel to the right for 3-digit values (as in 0001294 screenshots). Not sure how 5-digit values would be handled with the Capitol upgrade WoG script, but it seems the higher the number, the more out of sync it is.

4. Resource (silo) icons should all move 1 pixel higher, with one partial exception - for wood & ore, wood needs to move 1 pixel higher as well, but ore 2 pixels higher.

5, 6 & 7. - Same as nÂș5, 6 & 7 for Hero Info above.


1. Same as Hero Info, 1 pixel too low and to the left.

2. Town numbers are 1 pixel too low only (so correctly aligned on the horizontal)

3. "Allies:" text must move 4 pixels higher and 1 pixel to the right.

4. "Enemies:" text must move 3 pixels higher and 1 pixel to the right.

5. Allies' flags should be aligned with the Enemies' flags, meaning first flag should move 13 or 16 pixels to the right (depends if you also change position of Enemies' flags as per following)

6. Enemies' flags could move 3 pixels to the right to be like in OH3, though for once in this case you don't notice anything wrong there, so you can chose if you want to change this or leave it as such.


1. Background is 1 pixel lower then how it should be (notice again the ugly result in the corners).

2. Background is somehow also expanded 1 pixel to the left, covering the black column of pixels which should be there. But unlike previous cases when that happened due to background being all placed 1 pixel to the left, here it seems more like a duplicate of the first column of background pixels (which for the rest is well aligned on the horizontal). Perhaps a double overlap of images?

3. The inner box with the resource image is 1 pixel too low & to the left vs OH3. Below is screenshot for wood, but I assume it's the same for all resources.

4. The upper text "You find a small quantity of ..." should move 4 pixels lower and 1 - 2 pixels to the left (1 pixel to be well centered, or 2 pixels to be exactly like in OH3).

(resource quantity number is the only element well positioned, so that shouldn't change its absolute coordinates)


1. Sunrise animation is 1 pixel too low

2. Day X text is 11 pixels more to the right, and 12 pixels lower than in OH3 (in my screenshots, upper left pixel of "D" is at 80x35 in VCMI and 69x23 in OH3). It's particularly noticeable as out of sync on the horizontal, due to the position of the sun below, which is way closer to the center of the image. I didn't test yet, but I assume it's the same case for the Week & Month text.


1. Background, together with other player's flag + frame and frame of the hourglass must move as well 1 pixel higher and to the right.

2. Hourglass position should only move 1 pixel higher.
For most of the above you can use any map. But if you want to particularly test the alignment of stack size numbers in the Status Window, I'm working on a 2013 update of the map from 0001063 to help tests several fixes, which should be useful for that as well. Let me know once you start working on this, and I'll try to be ready with the map in time.
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