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0001129VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2012-10-01 12:592013-06-02 22:14
0001129: Spell points left are not always updated in the Hero info box on Adventure Map after a battle
It seems to happen only when the hero consumes all of his spell points during a battle.

Screenshot is from 0.89d, but I reproduced it also in 0.89 as follows:
- in map from 0001063, took Ivor up to the guarded dwellings
- when fighting at 1st dwelling I used 1 spell: at the end Info box updated remaining spell points from 10 to 5
- when fighting at 2nd dwelling I used the spell again: at the end the Info box didn't update to 0, but remained 5 (if we open Hero screen though we see nothing is left)
Same issue with Primary Skill points when changing artifacts which alter their values. In H3 they update the moment you close Hero screen, or the moment you close the window with captured artifacts after battle (or picked from the ground), if they go automatically in a slot on your hero. In VCMI you need to do certain game actions (like selecting another hero, and then back) to see the updated Hero info stats.
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related to 0000054closed Ivan the infobox remains frozen on the last frame of the new day animation 
jpg 2012-10-01_SpellPointsNotUpdatedAfterBattle.jpg (135,206) 2012-10-01 12:59
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