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0001123VCMIGUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowpublic2012-09-30 20:342023-04-11 11:34
0001123: Primary Skill values don't get immediately updated in Hero Exchange window when a skill-altering artifact is moved
Can be reproduced on any map, but you can for example take Sir Mullich in the map from 0001063 and have him meet Inteus to the North-East. In the exchange window, just move Power of the Dragon Father from Inteus' backpack to his chest. The Primary Skill number values will remain unchanged, as long as we don't close the Exchange window.
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has duplicate 0002649resolved Ivan Primary skills stats do not update immediately when putting on/off artifacts 
related to 0001799closed vmarkovtsev Hero's stats are not updated properly when he/she picks up an artifact 
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Confirmed for 0.97
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Fixed in 1.2