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0001094VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2012-09-28 13:442022-12-17 14:07
AMD 5600+WindowsXP SP3
0001094: Capture artifact window: size and position of icon & text
See original H3 screen: the inner frame (as in screenshot) has 310x245 pixels, the center of the icon is about 5 pixels above the center of the frame, the name is only about 7 pixels below it.

The 0.89 version was not too bad, except the name being notably too low under the icon. But to go more in detail vs H3:
- smaller size: 272x237
- icon perfectly centered (so 5 pixels lower than H3)
- name is about 23 pixels lower, and on 1 row (H3 used variable rules for row length, so that most artifacts ended up having their name displayed on 2 rows)

The 0.89b & c versions are moving the name in the good direction (up), however they lose the alignment on the horizontal, so we end up with what you see in the last screenshots.

Notes for the fix:
- maybe solution applied to 0000638 can be used as inspiration for vertical alignment
- H3 had variable sizes depending on the number of captured artifacts: up to 4 artifacts window enlarged on the horizontal only, as of 5 also enlarged on the vertical (and I still need to test, but I think as of 9 artifacts it was split in multiple consecutive windows)
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related to 0001117assigned  In various message windows when we get new artifact or similar, the item icon & name are not well centered anymore 
jpg 2012-09-28_CapturedArtifact_H3.jpg (40,476) 2012-09-28 13:44

jpg 2012-09-28_CapturedArtifact089.jpg (34,432) 2012-09-28 13:45

jpg 2012-09-28_CapturedArtifact089b.jpg (36,434) 2012-09-28 13:45

jpg 2012-09-28_CapturedArtifact089c.jpg (32,742) 2012-09-28 13:46
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