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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001802 1 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2015-10-17Window showing spells shared between heroes is not resizable
  00012306   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (SXX)2015-10-17Missing creature ability: Nomads allow free movement on sand
  000190711 GUI - Othercrashnew2015-10-17View Hex grid button crashes game, and some buttons in battle setting don't work
  00022161   Otherminornew2015-10-17Heroes of Might and Magic III - Map Parsing Arbitrary Code Execution
  00022764   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2015-10-16Refugee Camp is guarded for level 5+ creatures
  0002298    Otherminornew2015-10-10Recursive symlink cause VCMI to stop loading on preinitDLL exception
  0002295    GUI - Adventure Maptrivialacknowledged (AVS)2015-10-09Town portal missing error message when try to cast it on water
  0002296    GUI - Adventure Maptrivialacknowledged (AVS)2015-10-09Fly spell missing error message when try to cast it on boat
  0002290    GUI - Battlesminoracknowledged (AVS)2015-10-08Information about timed adventure map spells displayed on stacks in battle.
  00022852   Random Map Generatorminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-10-05near the mines are no resources
  0002262 2 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-09-30AI stuck behind cleared bank
  0001205    Random Map Generatorfeaturenew2015-09-29Cann't choose the allies for random map.
  0002190    Otherminorassigned (SXX)2015-09-22please consider storing vcmi static data in /usr/share/games/vcmi by default
  00022571   Otherblockassigned (xyz)2015-09-08Game Crash (Android)
  0001605    Random Map Generatormajornew2015-09-04Sometimes the map can't be uncovered and allied towns can be flagged whereas foreign towns can't be flagged
  000223152 Launcherminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-08-22Downloading and refreshing repositories error
  0002194 1 GUI - Otherminorconfirmed2015-06-21800x600 screen overlaps 1366x768 screen after forced to desktop during fullscreen play
  0002209    Sound, music, videosminorconfirmed (AVS)2015-06-21New week tune starts too late
  0002200 1 Otherminornew2015-06-21Opening video problem, High-res Menu mod issue and VCMI_Client_log pinpointing possible problems
  00022061   Mechanics - Objectsminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-06-05WoG dwellings are not guarded
  0002197    Campaignscrashnew2015-05-29game crashes when I start a campaign
  0002188 1 GUI - Adventure Mapcrashnew2015-04-30Opening treasure chest leads to freeze, alt + f4 to crash
  0002187    Mechanics - Objectsfeaturenew2015-04-28Commander artifact disaapear on drag and drop to commander tab.
  0001903 1 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminornew2015-04-28Commander screen doesn't show commander artifacts
  0002162    GUI - Battlesminornew2015-04-04Hotseat: popup message "Spell will affect no one" don't appear for 2nd player
  000191842 AI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (Warmonger)2015-03-25AI Overconfident About Creature Banks
  0002144    Mechanics - Objectsminornew2015-03-24black market does not work
  0002138 1 Launchermajorassigned (Ivan)2015-03-22Can't choose mod drop down menu in launcher
  00004091   Mechanics - Battlesminorassigned (Tow dragon)2015-03-19Ballistics skill gives hero first move before arrow towers and switches the left-to-right priority of turns
  00020521   Mechanics - Battlescrashnew2015-03-16CTD When trying to turn off movement shadows/combat options while in combat
  00018161   AI - Battlesmajorassigned (Tow)2015-03-12AI always not use "wait"
  00016161   Mechanics - Battlestweaknew2015-03-11It is possible to receive morale after defeating last enemy stack
  0000692 1 GUI - PreGamefeatureassigned (Tow)2015-03-11Player Type R-click info box not yet implemented
  0002117 1 Otherminornew2015-03-03can not see where the highlight reach neutrals, if on their way to being creauture
  000211612 AI - Adventure Mapfeatureassigned (Warmonger)2015-03-02If Accumulate Resources only victory condition AI may not try to move at all
  00020673   GUI - Adventure Mapminornew2015-03-02It's possible to switch to "View World" during AI turn and this cause glitches
  0002115 1 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (Warmonger)2015-03-01AI crash
  000109921 GUI - Otherfeaturenew2015-02-28Select Resolution window - further graphic enhancements
  0002111 1 GUI - Othercrashnew2015-02-25Segfault when opening a hero screen
  00021101   Othercrashassigned (xyz)2015-02-23MenĂ¹ crashes when trying loading maps - Android 5.0 LG G3
  000085313   GUI - Otherfeatureassigned (Fay)2015-02-22Transition effects should be implemented
  00020934   GUI - Otherminorassigned (SXX)2015-02-17New quest window issues
  000202342 AI - Battlesmajorassigned (Tow)2015-02-15Crash during battle
  00003661   GUI - Otherfeatureassigned (Ivan)2015-02-14R-click on hero/town in Kingdom Overview: should't it better open the hero/town screen only temporarily?
  0002071    GUI - Otherminornew2015-02-14CTextBox lags a lot if slider dragged
  0002069    Mechanics - Objectsfeaturenew2015-02-11After quest finished player should see if hero unable to take reward (skill) before giving artifact / monster
  0002061    GUI - Battlesfeaturenew2015-02-09Stack queue: need option to only update stack count after magic/attack/death animation finished
  000205912 AI - Adventure Mapmajorassigned (Warmonger)2015-02-09AI scouts heroes may block path for others when path is blocked by armed instance
  00015985   Othertextfeedback2015-02-09Reduce some warning/error messages while ingame
  0000612    Otherfeaturenew2015-02-08VCMI could remember last sorting in scenario/custom campaign/generated map list
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