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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000242712 GUI - Otherminornew2016-03-13Grail - puzzle map shouldn't have roads on it
  000242611 Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2016-03-13Refugee Camp doesn't seem to work after few uses
  00024242   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeaturenew2016-03-12Feature idea - Heroes IV Bomb (delete adventure map objects via events)
  000207061 Launchercrashresolved (SXX)2016-03-02"Mod archive is invalid or corrupted"
  00023041   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-03-01Summoned elementals corpse should disappear once stack killed
  00024181   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-03-01Clone spell: clone must disappear if original stack was killed
  00022931   GUI - Battlestextresolved (AVS)2016-03-01Summon Elementals have incorrect error text when previously summoned stack is dead
  000242013 Mechanics - Battlesminoracknowledged (AVS)2016-03-01Clone spell: clone must appear next to cloned stack
  00018033   AI - Adventure Mapfeatureacknowledged (SXX)2016-02-24Missing feature - "gosolo" console command makes AI take control over local player
  000225211 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-22Town-visiting hero's army replaces garrison army completely when town is attacked
  0000169145 AI - Adventure Maptweakresolved (SXX)2016-02-22The visiting hero does not collect the best troops from garrison to fill in his empty army slots when the town is under siege.
  0001307 2 GUI - Town screentrivialassigned (Ivan)2016-02-22Shipyard + ship graphics are partly missing at Castle
  0001749    GUI - Othermajornew2016-02-21Flashing/blinking menu and buildings when in town
  00023271   Mechanics - Objectsminorassigned (SXX)2016-02-21Town always have garrison even if on map it's set otherwise
  0002408    GUI - PreGamecrashnew2016-02-21Client crashing on attempt to view save with unknown town / faction from mod
  0002385    GUI - PreGamefeatureacknowledged2016-02-21Feature: show mods required by the save file
  0002394    Otherminorassigned (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-19Add style check to CI
  00024061   Mechanics - Otherminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-19Available heroes are not reset on next day
  00023624   GUI - Otherminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-19Spell book doesn't work correctly for garrisoned hero
  000237372 Mechanics - Battlesminorassigned (Warmonger)2016-02-17Necromancy skill rises troops incorrectly
  000233941 Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-17Placed event: disappear after first visit even if it's marked as permanent
  000241231 Mechanics - Adventure Mapmajorassigned (SXX)2016-02-15Hero does not move on mouse-click--error message "Tiles are not neighboring!"
  0002414    GUI - Battlesfeaturenew2016-02-14Siege: animation needed for drawbridge lowering / raising
  000225011 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-14Cannot attack unit standing in gate from behind during siege
  000224611 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-14Unpassable wall tile during siege
  000051021 Mechanics - Battlesfeatureresolved (SXX)2016-02-14There is no drawbridge during town siege.
  00020291   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-13Refugee Camp marked on map as player-owned object after visit
  000241111 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2016-02-10Crash during AI movement
  000221721 Random Map Generatorminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-06Can't shoose computer player only
   000100643 GUI - Othertrivialconfirmed (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-03Wrong alies and enemies flags
  00013762   Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-02Unit defence decreases damage done by turrets
  0002409 1 GUI - Battlesminornew2016-02-02Back of arrow tower creature is rendered in left border of window
  00022643   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-31Learning Stone not propely showing gained experience points
  000237431 AI - Adventure Mapminorassigned (SXX)2016-01-31VisitHero::fulfillsMe goal check used after battle with killed hero
  000238842 GUI - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-31Obelisks don't reveal puzzle map at all
  000029434 Mechanics - Battlescrashresolved (SXX)2016-01-31Possibility to create ghost hero
  00023291   Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (SXX)2016-01-31After winning battle with temporary summoned creatures you end up with zero stack army
  00013724   Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (AVS)2016-01-31Demons raised by Pit Lord are lost after end of battle
  000235721 Mechanics - Town structuresminorassigned (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-31Skyship (grail building) doesn't work correctly
   00024052   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-29Timeout mechanics for Seer Hut and Quest Guard is different than H3
  00023313   GUI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-28Saving via hotkey adds that hotkey to save filename
  00013442   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27After retreating from battle hero in tavern will have full move points and mana
  00009812   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Retreating from battle resets hero mana points
  0002404 1 GUI - Adventure Maptextnew2016-01-27Missing feature - CQuest text about time limit
  000237712 GUI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Visited Seer's Hut text.
  0002403    Mechanics - Othercrashnew2016-01-27Grail should always be placed even if no suitable tile found
  00020762   Mechanics - Otherminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Grail: not removed from hero inventory on retreat / surrender
  00020622   Mechanics - Otherfeatureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Alliances: puzzle map should be shared within team
  000210632 Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Grail: if map have only one obelisk it's doesn't uncover whole puzzle map
  000240211 GUI - Otherfeaturenew2016-01-27Grail - option to show the same puzzle for everyone in team
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