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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000191641 Mechanics - Objectstweakclosed (vmarkovtsev)2017-07-17Water Wheel give 500 gold on week 2 (need 1000)
  000237122 Random Map Generatormajorconfirmed (Warmonger)2016-12-18Some objects are not guarded from side
  000211255 Random Map Generatorminorclosed (Warmonger)2016-11-11Some objects are not available
  000197122 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (SXX)2016-09-12Game freeze
  000195514 GUI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2016-09-12When running with GDB many rapid clicks / move commands cause client crash
  00024612   AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (SXX)2016-09-08VCAI: Infinite loop when attempt to compare and exchange artifacts
  00021603   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorclosed (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-07It is possible to dismiss the hero, a condition that lose hero
  000213952 GUI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-07When spell scroll captured in battle spell name is missing on R-click
  000198713 GUI - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (SXX)2016-04-07Simultaneous frequent pressing the left and right mouse buttons leads to accident
  00018103   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowfeatureclosed (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-07Missing feature - offers ​​to assemble combined artifact
  000172363 Mechanics - Adventure Mapcrashclosed (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-07Quest Guard: crash when attempt to remove part of combined artifact
  000156651 Mechanics - Battlescrashclosed (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-07Armagedon
  000228612 Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-07Obelisk don't open map. These saves
  00019896   Mechanics - Objectsminorclosed (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-07Stables not grade cavaliers in champions
  0001590112 AI - Adventure Mapminorclosed (SXX)2016-04-07border guard - useless expenditure of a turn.
  000209611 AI - Adventure Mapmajorclosed (SXX)2016-04-07Freeze. AI infinitely try open Border Quard
  00015696   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorassigned (vmarkovtsev)2016-04-01Doesn't go to a tavern
  000207061 Launchercrashresolved (SXX)2016-03-02"Mod archive is invalid or corrupted"
  00023041   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-03-01Summoned elementals corpse should disappear once stack killed
  00024181   Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (AVS)2016-03-01Clone spell: clone must disappear if original stack was killed
  00022931   GUI - Battlestextresolved (AVS)2016-03-01Summon Elementals have incorrect error text when previously summoned stack is dead
  000225211 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-22Town-visiting hero's army replaces garrison army completely when town is attacked
  0000169145 AI - Adventure Maptweakresolved (SXX)2016-02-22The visiting hero does not collect the best troops from garrison to fill in his empty army slots when the town is under siege.
  00024061   Mechanics - Otherminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-19Available heroes are not reset on next day
  00023624   GUI - Otherminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-19Spell book doesn't work correctly for garrisoned hero
  000233941 Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-17Placed event: disappear after first visit even if it's marked as permanent
  000225011 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-14Cannot attack unit standing in gate from behind during siege
  000224611 Mechanics - Battlesminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-14Unpassable wall tile during siege
  000051021 Mechanics - Battlesfeatureresolved (SXX)2016-02-14There is no drawbridge during town siege.
  00020291   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (SXX)2016-02-13Refugee Camp marked on map as player-owned object after visit
  00010832   Mechanics - Battlesmajorclosed (SXX)2016-02-13[siege] Cannot pass the gate from within the town
  00013762   Mechanics - Battlestweakresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-02-02Unit defence decreases damage done by turrets
  00022643   Mechanics - Objectsminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-31Learning Stone not propely showing gained experience points
  000238842 GUI - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-31Obelisks don't reveal puzzle map at all
  000029434 Mechanics - Battlescrashresolved (SXX)2016-01-31Possibility to create ghost hero
  00023291   Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (SXX)2016-01-31After winning battle with temporary summoned creatures you end up with zero stack army
  00013724   Mechanics - Battlesmajorresolved (AVS)2016-01-31Demons raised by Pit Lord are lost after end of battle
   00024052   Mechanics - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-29Timeout mechanics for Seer Hut and Quest Guard is different than H3
  00023313   GUI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-28Saving via hotkey adds that hotkey to save filename
  00013442   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27After retreating from battle hero in tavern will have full move points and mana
  00009812   Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Retreating from battle resets hero mana points
  000237712 GUI - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Visited Seer's Hut text.
  00020762   Mechanics - Otherminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Grail: not removed from hero inventory on retreat / surrender
  00020622   Mechanics - Otherfeatureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Alliances: puzzle map should be shared within team
  000210632 Mechanics - Adventure Mapminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-27Grail: if map have only one obelisk it's doesn't uncover whole puzzle map
  000239041 AI - Adventure Mapcrashresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-23VisitHero::fulfillsMe segfaults if the object is not found
  000182141 GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-23Improper name of assembled artifact empty slots
  00017993   GUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-23Hero's stats are not updated properly when he/she picks up an artifact
  00020143   GUI - Adventure Mapfeatureresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-23Missing feature - cursor disappear during hero movement
  00023585   GUI - Town screenminorresolved (vmarkovtsev)2016-01-22Description in statusbar regarding status of creatures is reversed
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