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0000926VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2012-04-11 16:042024-01-20 06:47
amd64Ubuntu12.04 beta2
0000926: AI don't know, that it will be dead without town
Tested on r2622.
Load attached save (homm3 map "The Five Rings.h3m").
Green AI have no town and only 1 hero (Vey). It have 3 days to get town and it can go to the south and capture its old empty town (Bocc, Stronghold) in 2 days.

3 times click "End Turn" and you will see, that Vey will go to the Trading Post, Gem Pond, Stables, but not to the town.
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has duplicate 0002550acknowledged Warmonger AI not take empty castle and died without towns (his heroes nearly) 
related to 0001478closed Tow AI doesn't buy troops in town, that are avalable to hire. Even if player army is standing near town. 
7z save.7z (132,720) 2012-04-11 16:04
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