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0000816VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2011-09-20 09:362016-11-11 08:22
0000816: All removable map objects should have a fade out effect when picked
The fade out effect should take place at pick-up for resources, and after the pop-up windows related to the pick-up are closed for the other objects, and should be accompanied by the pick-up sound (see 0000814).

This is really low priority. The way they simply disappear now is not really bothering, but the H3 fade out effect was a bit nicer.
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related to 0000814resolved SXX Except for resources, all removable map objects are missing the pickup sound 
related to 0000817resolved Warmonger Artifacts and Spell Scrolls should disappear from the Adventure Map after the related message window closes, not before 
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2015-02-15 07:40   
This one is fully implemented in @Fay pull request: [^]
2015-02-18 19:05   
Objects fading has beed added in PR#84, as noted by SXX.

And pickup sounds are in separate ticket, so I guess I can mark this as resolved.