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0000814VCMISound, music, videospublic2011-09-20 09:022018-01-27 16:13
0000814: Except for resources, all removable map objects are missing the pickup sound
Whenever we remove an object from the Adventure Map, the game should play at random one of the 'pickup01.wav' to 'pickup07.wav' sounds, while the object disappears from the map (the sound may start playing while the previous sound specific for the found object is still on).

Right now in VCMI, only when picking up resources, the pickup sound plays as expected as they disappear from the map. For all the others it's missing:
- artifacts
- scrolls
- treasure chests
- Pandora's boxes
- quest/border guards
(and any other removable object I may have missed, including Spell Book and War Machines, which in WoG can be picked up as well)

Note: the sound should be heard when the objects disappear, not when the hero reaches them, so after we close the pop-up window(s) which we may get at pickup.
The map from 0000815 can be used to test the implementation. It should have all removable objects within one day reach of one or another hero.
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related to 0000816closed Fay All removable map objects should have a fade out effect when picked 
related to 0000817closed Warmonger Artifacts and Spell Scrolls should disappear from the Adventure Map after the related message window closes, not before 
related to 0001630resolved SXX some sound effects are missing 
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2015-02-16 11:00   
At moment pickup sounds work for everything except border/quests guards.
2017-09-13 07:36   
Implemented in PR195: [^]